Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh







Gen 2:21-25

Every society/family/organisation/community is as powerful, prosperous, and productive as it is united.

Unity is something that we undermine and underestimate. The answer to many issues is sight/perspective.

Jer 1:11-12

Until you see correctly, there will be no performance. The moment you see correctly, God’s performance kicks in.

Gen 11:1-10

Wherever there is unity, there is completion/conclusion.

Acts 2:44, 47

God added to the church because they were united.

Unity is the nature of the Godhead. God is plural i.e. God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Everything God accomplished in creation was as a result of a united decision, “God said”. The nature of God is unity.

John 17:19-22; 16:13-15

Whatever brings division is dangerous. There is unity (oneness) amongst the trinity and in their oneness is a chain of command for effectiveness. The image of God is the reflection of God and the reflection of God is unity.

God’s presence abounds in unity. Where there is strife, there is every evil thing.

Every marriage is to reflect God’s image/brand (unity). The anointing of God operates in unity. The brand of the enemy is disunity.

Gen 3:12

The moment disunity manifests, the enemy has infiltrated the camp.

Before God puts His brand on anything, that thing must undergo His dealings. Before you can certify a marriage carries the brand of God, it must have been processed in the dealings of God.

Gen 2:24

Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh. Become is a process, it is not automatic. The notion of marriage is that each person answers to one identity. Until you become one flesh you would not be powerful, productive, and as prosperous as you desire.

The unity God requires in marriage is that of the man and His wife no one else.

Marriage refines you. Marriage is a refiner’s fire. A refiner’s fire cleanses you of dirt so that what is precious can shine. It is God’s mechanism of removing dirt/issues so that treasure can shine.

Marriage is a cross because it kills your flesh and releases your spirit if you allow it.

Marriage is also sandpaper, it will get rid of rough edges to allow the smoothness to remain.

Marriage is not romance, romance is to invite you into it.

Your spouse’s view of you is how God sees you. Your spouse is there for your refinement. Pride makes you think that you know more than your spouse. A humble spirit allows you to listen and learn from your spouse.

The dealings of God start with the voice of your spouse and the willingness to hear what you don’t want to hear.

Gen 2:25

The first act of faith in marriage is that you are willing to be naked and unashamed. This means disclosure, the willingness to present openly your issues, baggage, challenges (including mental health), failures etc. It is in your marriage that you would be healed.

Gen 3:21

The purpose of being naked and unashamed before your spouse is to receive covering. The first instinct of your spouse is to cover you rather than take advantage of you. Whoever brings words of counsel to correct your wrong perspective is your spouse. Hence, you must be willing to disclose. On the contrary, anyone who casts stones at you is not good for you.

Matt 1:18-24

If Joseph did not take Mary as his wife, maybe Mary would have been stoned to death. He covered Mary. This is a real man. The purpose of nakedness is covering.

Gen 2:22

Whoever God has brought to you, has the capacity to cover you.

Until marriage thrives, life wouldn’t thrive.

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