Breaking the Bands of Barrenness through Praise


2nd Sam 6:16-23

Isa 12:3. Your salvation experience can be likened to an estate of various wells, e.g., emotional stability, mental bliss etc.

Joy is the apparatus to draw from the well. Joy is a state of mind, a product of the knowledge of what God has done for you. Joy is related to revelation. Revelation is how we receive from God. David heard a revelation to pursue, overtake and overthrow.

The capacity to come into the fullness of everything you need is tied to your joy. Prayer works on the platform of joy. That’s why the devil comes to steal your joy. Praise is an expression of the knowledge that joy brings.

Isa 54:1 Your life is not as it seems. That fact that you don’t look productive does not mean you don’t have fruits. Praise unlocks productivity. Praise means to put God first.

Isa 54: 4-5. The shame of your youth connotes the barrenness/delay that you may be experiencing. That your Maker is your husband shows that if God gives you a seed, he will provide to ensure it bears fruit.

2nd Sam 6:16 Micah was focused on what David was doing. David was focused on praising God. David knew that his praise was the only qualification he had for being king. Micah made the same mistake her father made; she focused on people and not God.

Rev 4:10. Every dominion you enjoy in life is given to you by God. Your dominion is represented by these crowns. David dropped his crown (status as king) to praise God. He later picked it up and was more honoured (the maidens honoured him). Unlike Micah who did not praise God but rather focused on people. She did not produce. Although she was in the right place to praise God, she had a wrong attitude. She did not use praise to break the bands of barrenness in her life. What will you choose to do today?

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