Gen 7:15-24; 1 Cor 2:9-10

Heb 11:3 Through the declaration of faith we understand that the worlds (People, & Systems that live on the earth) were framed by the word of God.

Gen 15:13; Isa 37:26; Luk 2:1; Micah 5:2

All these events were framed by the word of God. Even in our post –modern times, the present world is still being framed by the word of God.

Matt 24:21-22 God will not allow you to get into a challenge that you cannot overcome. The enemy brings challenges to destroy you however God allows theses trials and tribulations to build you up. These trials of God are to prepare you for the best.

James 1:4-5; Psa 30:5; 119:105 Issues are not meant to last forever. The word of God is your source of movement in the night seasons of life, because the night season will not last forever.

Gen 6:3-4; Matt 24:37; Rom 1:28 In these present times, God no longer strives with man and so man continues to wallow deeply in sin. The danger in this is that man looses his original identity in God; He no longer resembles God, man becomes a beast. You resemble God not by mere physical attributes but by thinking like Him. Until you think like God you cannot resemble God.

Prov 1:7; 3:1-8 You don’t know anything until God tells you His opinion. Every instruction that God gives to us is geared towards purpose. In everything that you will do in life, always consider God first. God releases wisdom, insight and direction to everyone that seeks His guidance. The absence of God makes man an animal. 

Gen 6:8-9 Walking with God means you make room for God, first and always. Noah found grace in God because he walked with God. Grace is a position where you stand in. A place where you are not the one working for yourself but God takes over and works things out for you.

Rom 5:2; Psa 1:1-3 You access grace by faith in God. How?

  • You don’t react to circumstances but you respond to the word of God. When you react to circumstances you are standing in your flesh.
  • You respond to the word by faith.

Psa 25:14; Gen 18:16-22 Until you’ve gone a distance with God, the more He can confide in you. As Noah walked with God and stayed with God, then God revealed details of the ark to him.

Isa 59:19 Affliction is evident that glory is near. The word of process delivered the word of promise.

1 Chr 22:5 For everything you will build, there is already a word, then you need to prepare. Noah received a word, he prepared, built and what he built, withstood the flood because he built that which came from the heart of God. The ark was elevated and preserved.

Christ is calling us to a WALK; people who will carry His heart, burden and serve.

Build according to God’s pattern.

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