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Heb 11

Some things are done by faith (instantaneous) and through faith (i.e. process based).

There are times God keeps you on the faith lane for capacity building. For example through Faith Abraham begat Isaac.

Gal 3:6-9

It is impossible to have Isaac in one year, God kept Isaac on the faith lane for 25 years.

Faith is not an event but a lifestyle. Faith is a construct in spirit that allows one to have a sustained relationship with God. All the things you seek in God by faith is not just to receive things, but an invitation for something bigger than you, a relationship in God.

Isa 51:1-3; Luke 13:10-18; 19:1-10

Abraham is the fundamental framework for faith. Those who are of the faith are the seed of Abraham. Contextualise Abraham as a blessing to you from God.

Life is seeking how you manifest as the seed of Abraham.

Rom 4

You are the modern-day seed of Abraham.

Gal 3:5, 13

Supply of the Spirit, Working of miracles, and the hearing of faith.

When you believe God the first thing you experience in the faith lane is the supply of the spirit. When there is a Faith-Holy Spirit combo, miracles are bound to happen. At every time in Abraham’s life journey, He received spiritual intelligence for the faith lane.

The blessing is the promise of the spirit on the faith lane. The hearing of faith is a critical part in your faith lane. On the faith lane, there is something you are hearing through faith.

It is the optimisation of the spirit of faith on the faith lane that maximises the Abrahamic blessing. Every assignment that would come from the ministry of the spirit would require faith. It is a combination of faith and the spirit that optimises the framework of Abraham as the father of faith.

Gal 3:8

God gave Abraham a theme for his life; the justification of the Gentiles by faith. God always has a program/assignment

t to execute on the earth and He seeks a man. Abraham’s life was beyond just Isaac. Abraham is the prototype for the scripture. On the faith lane, the greatest investment is scripture, the gospel.

God will give you a promise, but what you mix with the promise is with scripture/gospel. The promise is always situated within the broader context called the gospel. Then you mix the gospel with faith. Abraham had to become the father of nations first before he could become the father of Isaac.

Gen 14:9-16

On the faith lane, God will compel you to learn a new trade/training for capacity building. Vs 14, Abraham acquired military strength and skill. Age, career path is irrelevant in your journey of the faith lane. Abraham fathered 318 men born in his house.

Gen 14:18-20

Abraham acknowledged that the Most High God gave him victory over 5 kings and in response to God, He gave a tithe.

Faith works in love, Abraham demonstrated his love for Lot by going into war to rescue Lot.

Gen 18:1-15

You need to seek God, in as much as He has come for you. God seeks fellowship, he ate at Abraham’s home. As Abraham hosted God, God revealed His heart to Him and released the blessing of Isaac to Sarah. You want to hear specific things from God, host God.

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