Communicating the God kind of faith


Your faith does not exist in isolation. There has to be a basis for your faith.

Some people base their faith on other people's prayer will work but remember the most powerful type of prayer is the one you pray for yourself. Someone else can only agree with you but their prayers cannot replace yours. No matter how much a husband loves a wife, he cannot push for her.

The best kind of faith to have is the God kind of faith. Having the God kind of faith means that you expect to see whatever God has said to you and not what you say to yourself.

The faith received at salvation is enough for you to overcome any test in life. A child is born complete but as they grow in the right environment their greatness will be manifested. So also your faith needs to be placed in a right environment to manifest its greatness to overcome.

God has made provision for victory over every challenge you will face in your life through faith. But you need to exercise your faith. Everyone has muscles but not everyone has exercised their muscles to be muscular. As you exercise your faith to overcome, then you discover how powerful it is.

Faith is freely available so you don’t need to pay for it by thinking that the spiritual offerings you make are to pay for the manifestations of your faith. 1st Cor 2:9.

God has already prepared all you will ever have and the Holy Spirit is given to you to know what is yours. You therefore need to place a demand for all that is given to you. The woman with the issue of blood had heard about Jesus and understood that He hated sickness and healed people. Based on what she heard, she grew in faith that and then laid a demand by touching the hem of His garment. What do you know about Jesus and His plan for you? If you have faith, exercise your faith by taking an active step like she did.

 If you are experiencing delay in a matter, seek for a reason. Every time there was a delay in childbirth in the bible, it was to get people’s attention and a word was needed for it to come to pass. Delay of affliction is to test your faith. The affliction you don’t embrace (i.e. fight to overcome) will prevent your glory to shine.

 Faith is multidimensional.

  • The Word of faith. Your lifestyle should dependent on your response to the Word. As a Christian your motivation for any day to day choices you make should be driven by what God has told you to do. Don’t say “I don’t know what God is saying”. Start from the bible.
  • Gift of faith: This type of faith only manifests on the day of trouble. It is not planned. SILVER AND GOLD HAVE I NOT
  • Spirit of faith. This type of faith causes people to call what things as if they are. So when some people say “I can’t be ill” it’s not because sickness will not attack but they are determined not to agree with the sickness.

Grace is the manifestation of faith.

For you to communicate the God kind of faith, you must have the right focus which is focusing on the truth. Facts are based on your mentality, what you see, hear. Truth is bases on perfect reality. Although gravity is a fact for the human body but when we shall see him, we shall defy gravity. Choose to look up to God today so that you focus on the truth and not fact.

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