Comparison: The Thief of Joy


Just a month after they were delivered from slavery, the Israelites became discontented with life. They compared the food they now had in freedom with the food they had in slavery and became unhappy. Ex 16:1-3

When you compare your now with your past, you lose focus of what God is doing in your life now.

When you compare yourself with others, you compare your journey with someone’s destination.  That’s foolishness. 2nd Cor 10:12.

It’s good to recognise godly qualities in others but that should not steal your joy.

Let your standard be God’s standard so you won’t use the progress of others as your focal point.

So how do you avoid comparison? Gal 6:4. Focus on what God has made you. He has given you the grace to be an original.

Ask yourself “If I don’t have what I think I should have, will I still be happy?”

Don’t hide your gift because you think it is not good enough when compared with others in the same position. What God rests upon will flourish.

What you focus on shows the parameters you use to determine success and judge the value of life.

When you focus on the qualities of others, it shows the lenses through which you see life. Your lenses and parameters should be based on God and not other people’s achievements. 

It doesn’t matter if you are the pastor or church cleaner. Everyone is defined by Christ. Eph 9:3.

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