Complete Restoration and Acceleration








Joel 2:23-26

Life is a partnership between God and ourselves. Everything God initiates with His word.

Gen 1:1-3; John 1:1; Gen 12:1-3 God initiated change with His word. It is His word that initiates change not the move. Pay attention to God’s word because this is what brings a change. When God wanted to create the earth God released a word. In the life of Abraham God spoke to him to initiate a change. It is the presence of God that guarantees an increase and a prosperous change. God gives you a word to invoke a positive response. Your positive response is called Faith. When you respond you step into Grace.

The pathway to your expected end is your faith in His word by responding positively. If you react to what life plays you, you will miss God’s expected end for you. The state of grace is the place where God works for you. Your response to God’s word positions you for what grace has.

Joel 2:23; Prov 21:31 Rain is valuable when it falls on land that has been tilled and planted; the tilling and planting is your work of faith and the rain is God’s supply upon your work which brings the increase.

Deut 11:10-12 The land of Egypt is where you use your effort only, when the rain of Heaven falls it goes beyond your personal effort.

Joel 2: 23; Exo 16:16-18 The former rain is the rain of opportunity, the latter rain is the rain that ushers prosperity. God gives the rain in just measure and righteousness. This means God will give you what is just for you based on where you are. When God creates opportunity it is based on your responsibility.

The later and former rain in the first month means opportunity will begin to meet harvest. In the first month means you will receive the blessing as the blessing of the first born as in Matt 20:6. The first born blessing is broken into 3:

First born blessing - A double portion blessing Gen 48:8-9,16 Your identity is not tied to where you were born but WHO you are connected to. Blessing follows identity e.g Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. The blessing is not just prosperity but God’s hand upon you, God’s hand distinguishes you. In the church of Christ Jesus – the first born we are joint heirs with Christ. Pay attention to your identity in Christ Jesus. You don’t qualify by yourself but because you are in Christ.

First born blessing - You have access before God.

First born blessing - Dominion

The knowledge of what you have produces joy. Everything you need has been allocated through Christ Jesus. With Joy you draw from the well of salvation.

John 10:10; Phil 4:8; Joel 1:12 The thief comes to steal your joy kill your faith and destroy your life so beware. Depression comes from the lack of knowledge. Think on the correct things. Joy is an asset you must guard.

You cannot accelerate beyond the clarity of the light you carry. Light ensures that there is speed. Revelation knowledge produces light.

Isa 44:3-4 The light of God’s revelation will show you what is available to you and how you will function in it. The light of revelation will show you what you already have and how you can utilise it. You will spring up as grass and willows. Grass speaks of speed and the willow tree is a multidimensional tree – medicinal, manufacturing, hinders erosion. Meaning you will become universally relevant.

Joel 2:26; Matt 20:8-9 Restoration is the capacity to earn more in less time. Mercy and grace will speak for you. A believer’s life is dependent on mercy, grace and favour.

Speed is guaranteed in the life of every believer.

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