Objectives: To get all members settled into the church community and environment To help address comments and concerns of members To Follow up on new converts and help them to develop and grow their faith To follow up on old members and help them remain in the faith. To create a positive image of the church and create an awareness of God’s love and glory to all visitors. To ensure a steady rise in the attendance of church activities and programmes To ensure an excellent quality of service to all members, old and new through the provision of gift materials for the propagation of God’s Word


City of God Ushers are stewards in the house of God. We see to your need and ensure that both members and guests feel very much at ease as they come into the presence of the Most High God. As a department our goal is “To Ensure that the house of our God is a welcoming and

conducive place for worship/the gathering of His people”. Our prayer as Ushers in His vineyard is to constantly be a blessing to each and every soul we come in contact with both as individuals and a department.

Hospitality – The Care Team

Our vision is to support the mission of the church by practically expressing God’s love to all, ensuring people experience a taste of Christ here at City of God; the warmth of acceptance, a listening hear, a shoulder to lean on, a word of encouragement and a display of unconditional love. What we are about True hospitality is about paying attention to people. Letting people feel loved, appreciated, special, important and accepted. Hospitality creates an avenue to know people better and tears down any walls and barriers that may exist in relationships. We’ve realised that in other to attract people to Christ, we need to show them the hospitable nature of Christ. At the same time we understand the need to appreciate and nurture the relationships we currently have. The hospitality team therefore focuses on creating an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness for guests and members alike.

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Unforced Rhythm of Grace

Unforced rhythm of grace

Delight, Desire and the Unforced Rhythm of Grace

Delight, Desire and the Unforced Rhythm of Grace