Luke 4:1-14

In Luke 3:21-22 Jesus experienced an open heaven, the Holy Spirit descended on Him confirming God’s pleasure in Him. Immediately following this encounter, Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit and there he was tempted by the devil. All this was part of the open heaven package for Jesus Christ.

You can’t carry glory until you know how to carry affliction. A wilderness experience will bring about the fulfilment of a promise.

The wilderness is where we learn to master life. It makes you understand the value that God has invested in you. 2 Cor 1:3-4.

The wilderness is a cold place unlike the declaration of an open heaven which is a warm place to be. The wilderness is a lonely place, a dark and fearful place, a place where you begin to doubt yourself and question your beliefs, a place where people appear different.

In the wilderness you learn to depend on God, you learn to access the presence of God. You can never fully exercise dominion until you depend on God. The more you depend on God, the more you exercise wisdom. In the wilderness we can learn of Him Deut 8:2-3.

Ps 23:4; Heb 13:5 Whilst in the wilderness of life, even when you don’t hear the voice of God, hold on to His words and trust what He has told you in time past.

How do you navigate through the wilderness of life?

  1. You must always have the right response:
    • Every response must be according to the word of God. Be careful to make spiritual decisions and not safe decisions. Spiritual decisions are sustained by God as it aligns with His word. God’s word guarantees victory.
    • Ps 23:4; Isa 11:4; Ps 110:2: The staff represents the authority in God’s word you lean on. The rod represents the word of God that you fight / contend with.
  1. Fasting subdues appetites. Your appetite is the voice of your flesh. When God speaks, He speaks to purpose not your feelings (flesh). If you cannot subdue your appetite you cannot overcome the wilderness. A fast will not make you escape the wilderness but helps you navigate through correctly Heb 12:2. Fasting simply implies “God I need YOU”.

The Temptation

The wilderness questions your identity Luke 4:3. You must know your identity in God by walking with God.

Never estimate yourself by your circumstance but by what has been written about you. Ps 139:16. Truth is not your circumstance but the word of God. Revelation will always supersede reality. Every attack in the wilderness is on your identity. Don’t indulge in the power of suggestion – it’s a lie from the devil. Embrace who you are in God to become who God has called you to be.

Satan attacked Jesus on three levels:

#Survival                              #Success                             #Significance

Temptation 1 (Survival): Luke 4:3 Jesus had fasted for 40 days and was hungry. It is not about how you are feeling but who is instructing you.

Temptation 2 (Success): Luke 4:7 Success is always attractive when it is quick, premature success will never last. Worship & Service goes hand in hand; worship is about honour – who do you honour? Compromise is you bowing down to whom you shouldn’t (false worship). God has not called you to be popular but powerful.

Temptation 3 (Significance): Luke 4:9 Significance outside of God is pride. Every glory that God will give you is for Himself. If you do things for people to respect you, then you are operating in pride. Isa 58:4. The blessing of God is not about what you get but that you are ever relevant in God.

The anointing is not to benefit you but for service.


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