Contending for your prophecy through spiritual warfare








1 Tim 1:18

Prophecy is entrusted with us, not for knowledge, not so that we can boast, not because we are deep, but for warfare.

A prophetic word is something that has already been established in the spirit and yet to be manifested physically on earth. Our responsibility is to birth it in prayer for it to be reflected in the physical, here on earth. A prophetic word comes because God has already established the matter and He is calling you to partake of it and wage good warfare in order to handle it.

1 Tim 6:12

The good warfare is the fight of faith. Eternal life is a quality of life that you can live on earth that is not subject to the corruption that is in the earth; it is the life where the former life is not as sweet as the latter, basically God’s quality of life.

Rom 12:2

You are either living by faith (eternal life) or a conformed life (carnal life). When you live a conformed life, your life is lived by events/circumstances/situations. Life by faith (eternal life) is lived in the word of God while the conformed life is lived by events.

A life by faith means that your confessions, prayers, and actions are word inspired. The bible is the sure word of prophecy. You birth what the word has conceived inside of you, then your actions are inspired by the word of God.

Heb 2:2; Rom 10:10

Confess the living word, speak the word. Ensure that you believe your confession.

Beyond just confessing the living word, also birth it in prayer, sit on it, meditate on it, push in the place of prayer, and take the right action.

In warfare, you are either operating from victory or from a defeated position.

When you operate with a prophetic word, you are walking in the mercy of God. When you operate from defeat meaning you are operating in the world, crying for mercy seeking a rescue mission (rehabilitation).

Matt 25:23

Mercy ensures that what you are working on comes to pass. When you are constantly rehabilitated, you rub yourself of future investment opportunities.


Our spiritual warfare is to press into God’s word inspired responses. So that your words and deeds are inspired by God's word. Beware of the enemy’s strategy to settle for the counterfeit. In the Kingdom of God, it is the process that guarantees the end.

Eph 2:1-3

Every action is always inspired by the word or from the world through events via the prince of the power of the air.

The prince of the power of the air can influence the media, events, circumstances, your desires, your fears etc.

Phil 1:27-28

Fear is given so that you can sense the danger so that you can respond with caution. God has not called you to a life of imprisonment. Anything you fear is something that you must conquer. When the enemy senses that you are not fearful, it is proof to him that you have been victorious. You pray boldness, don’t be intimidated by your enemies.

True victory starts from when you break from fear to faith, long before you see the manifestation.

Col 1:3-4; 1 Thess 1:2-3; 2 Thess 1:2-3

You have won your victory when you are in faith and love. When you forgive a person, it means you have no need for vengeance. This is true love, there is nothing in you that wishes evil for your offender.

Spiritual powers (prince of the powers of the air) must be unseated or they will be served eventually. In every environment there is a spirit that controls that environment; you are either serving that spirit or you unseat the spirit.

Rev 12:12

God creates seasons for an initial response, but when you don’t pay attention to it to take the right swift action, they can become great. If you don’t unseat wicked powers, they can re-appear in the future to attack your children. Families thrive because familiar spirits are unseated. Communities thrive because territorial spirits are unseated.

Acts 12:1-24

Herod was a hindrance to the word of God growing and multiplying. The word grew and multiplied when Herod died (unseated).

Acts 19:5-10, 17-27

Regions thrive because principalities are unseated.

God has called us to unseat principalities and powers, to wage warfare.

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