Cultivating Faith in the midst of a crisis (cont’d)









Matt 13:18-23

With faith and patience we inherit the promise.

Your understanding of faith determines the expression of your faith. Life is in times and seasons and there are certain things that God would expect you to have perfected in certain seasons. Every promise is at the back end of a challenge and it is through faith that we overcome.

1 John 5:4

Faith must be grown, developed. The workings of your faith is based on your understanding. There are several classes of believers, some want to have laying on of hands whilst some value developing the seed of faith within them.

Heb 2:1

Pay attention to the seed of faith within you. What you pay attention to is what you would prioritise within you. Never prioritise a man laying hand on you above the seed of faith / the word of God planted into your heart.

What do you prioritise of faith? Do you process the word of God?

Psa 105:19

What will keep you in position is to process the word of God that you have received. Your failure to not remember the word you have received is proof that you have not paid attention to it.

Rom 10:6-9; Josh 1:8

The word of God is near you. Take the word and start to put it in your mouth. Take responsibility and take action. The word of your redemption package through Christ Jesus is near you. Take it and put it in your heart and in your mouth. Speak the word.

The word is near you, not in the hand of any man. All a man of God can do for you is to collaborate with it. It is your responsibility is to cultivate the word. When the word enters your heart, it will produce fruit. This is the essence of faith confessions.

John 1:1

True faith prioritises Gods word over everything else, including an audience with Him. God does nothing without His word. Go for the word of God and His presence will follow. Let the word of God uphold your heart and mind.

Psa 107:20

The word heals, it mends broken relationships, businesses, ministry, health etc. To deliver means to rescue from a slippery slope. The Hand of God can heal and deliver. The word has to be sent.

Heb 1:3

God upholds all things by the word of His power. There is a word that sustains all things. Let the word dwell in your mouth and send it.

Matt 13:18-23

The good ground is a ground of great faith.

This story is a progression of faith; from a wayside heart, stony heart, thorny heart until it becomes a good ground. The seed sown is the seed of the Kingdom which transforms.

The wayside heart lacks understanding yet! The seed of the word is snatched away by another information because the wayside heart opens itself up to any and every information. What should a wayside heart do? Like a mother hen; sit on the word.

Josh 1:8 When you sit with word regularly, it will produce fruit. Guard the word because it is God’s word of transformation. Do not let anyone plant doubt inside you.

The stony heart receives the word with enthusiasm however when tribulation comes they do not handle it well (because they were not taught well). Persecution must always arise for the word sake. Stay in the positon of faith rather than become offended as a result of a trial. Persecution offends your mind to reveal your heart. Matt 11:2-6 Always look at things in the bigger picture, it is not an individual thing.

Thorny heart - A lot of people have reduced the word of God into the key to receiving good things of life. The cares of this world speak of the lust within us. For God to bring us to a place of true fruitfulness, He deals with our lust, change our paradigm until we begin to see correctly. The word comes to deal with the heart, clear the ground of every thorn. God has no problem emptying a believer before He fills you.

John 13:36-14:3

Proof that Christ has prepared you is to bring you to a place where you would die to yourself, and then where Christ is, you would be also. That is you would transform into the image of Christ, having the mind of Christ and interpreting correctly, having oneness of mind with Christ Jesus. From this point, you have a good heart, good ground fit for productivity / fruitfulness.

When you come into the mind of Christ, you are more focused on the goodness of God to you than on your lack (self).

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