Declarations and Manifestations








It is important that we believers take account / stock / inventory of your life and journey in life (where you have been, where you are and where you are going).

As believers, without the manifestation / results then there is a lack of faith. The standard of faith is based on who Christ is.

Heb 11:1 Faith without proof / rest / evidence is fact and fact can be proven false.  Being Christian is not merely attendance in church, rather kingdom-living / a life that is Christ-like.

Faith holds no meaning or has no significance without manifestation. Faith is similar to leadership because both are predicated on results. There is a standard that God expects, there are no side-lines.

Why is faith without manifestation trending?

God is demanding a re-alignment before His glory can descend. Without alignment on would be operating below God’s stored capacity in your life.

Eze 37:1-10

Manifestations are evidence of God at work in our life / community / church / nation / career / marriage etc.

God is doing a speak re-alignment. Ezekiel’s declaration aligned with God’s command and there was manifestation.

The entire creation is voice activated. Nothing happens without a declaration. The manifestation Ezekiel experienced was based on speech alignment. God regulates the universe by the power of His command, so also you regulate your environment by the words you speak. God and His word are one so also you are one with your speech. Your words are an express image of your life experience.

What you say is the truth concerning the situation / circumstance. What is your truth?

There will be no manifestation without declaration. Do not say what you see but what you want to see. Life is a projection of spoken words. Do not let the Devil keep you silent!

2 Cor 4:13-14

There is power in your declaration that would make you to emerge. What have you allowed to linger for so long because you have not made declarations?

Heb 11:3 The church that will advance is a speaking church. It is a battle of words. Deal with thoughts with words. Let the word be in your mouth.

Prov 19:21 The power of life and death is in the tongue. Your life takes shape of your words. You need Kingdom culture not your natural culture. Declare more as much as you pray. Declare the word!

We believe and so we speak!

Open your mouth wide and declare the word of God.

If you say nothing, you would see nothing. God is restoring the power of declarations, a church with faith filled words. There is a greater need to declare the word of God. Whatever you say is what you become.

John 11:10-11; 1 Thess 4:14

Are you speaking your circumstance / situation or are you speaking the truth in the word? Walk away from people who are constantly speaking death. Say things that will lift your head and not bow your head.

You can change the trajectory of your life by the words you speak.

Acts 18:9-11

Your words are meant to frame your world, not people.

7 Factors that bring declarations to manifestations:

  1. Declarations must be made in faith in the word of God. Be sure you are full of faith first. Every declaration made in doubt is countered by self-doubt. 2 Cor 4:13; Rom 10:10
  2. Declaration must proceed from revelation knowledge. Lam 3:37-38
  3. Declaration must be made in righteousness. Righteousness is an upright position in God through Christ Jesus. Do not make declarations from the consciousness of your works / short comings but from the finished work of Christ Jesus. Declare with boldness in Christ. Rom 10:6-9
  4. Declarations must be carried through with prayer. Do not allow the enemy intercept your manifestations because you have not carried it through in prayer. Continue in prayer until you see the manifestation of the prophetic word.
  5. Declaration must be made in expectation. 1 Kings 18:43
  6. Declaration must be made in His name. There is power in His name. Everything God does is for His name sake, nothing in your life / self-sacrifices compels God to answer but purely in the name of Jesus Christ. Phil 2:9-11
  7. Declarations must be backed up by AMEN. Amen is not closure, it is an affirmation of truth and certainty. It means what has been declared is truth and cannot be undone. Jer 28:1-6

As believers, God has given us power to create, therefore let us create rather than venting / complaining.

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