Defining Moments


A defining moment is a time when things change. It is when an occurrence changes your life.

The Greeks have 2 words for time:

Chronos: Logical and sequential order. E.g., it takes about 9 months to carry a pregnancy. Kairos: Fullness or opportune moment in time. E.g., when the pregnancy comes to its fullness and water breaks.

John 5:4. The Angel went to stir up the pool at a certain time (Chronos).Kairos moment is the opportunity or chance to enter the pool and receive healing which was what the crippled guy lacked.

Chronos was the 430 years that the Israelites were in Egypt as slaves Ex 12:41. Kairos is the occurrence of the 10th plague Ex 11:1. However, the reaction to this karios moment (10th plagues) determined each individual’s defining moment of death (loss of a 1st child and/or livestock) or salvation.  The call of action was that the blood of a lamb be applied on the doorframe of the house the animal is eaten. Any Israelite who did not take action would have experienced death.

Your reaction to your Kairos will determine your defining moment. Previous plagues had affected only the Egyptians, sparing Goshen; the land where the Israelites lived. There was no call to action but the kairos moment of the 10th plague had a call to action attached to it.

Mark 1:15 Jesus said the time is fulfilled, i.e., kairos and made a call to action; repent. Repentance is not only godly sorrow but also a change in direction. What is your reaction to God’s word? God has promised you an inheritance but do you truly believe, depend and rely on that or do you just have head knowledge of it (no faith attached)?

Levi had always believed and was on the Lord’s side but the curses from his father seemed like the tribe would never amount to much Gen 49:5-7. However, a day came when Moses asked “who is on the Lord’s side” and no tribe except Levi responded. On that day, the curse was broken and Levi received blessings (Ex 32:25-32). Their response to the kairos moment when Moses made the call (opportunity) reversed the curse and brought on blessings.

Do you look at your abilities, shortcomings, mistakes, skillset or do you consider God’s glory? Luke 4:22. Although Jesus words (His promises) were glorious, some people chose to see him as just a carpenter’s son. They missed the karios moment to receive the fulfilled prophecy by focusing on Jesus’ perceived limitations.

Your response will determine your defining moment of receiving your inheritance, your defining moment when that issue is no longer a weight under which you struggle but a platform where you exhibit God’s grace. What will be your response today?




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