Delight, Desire and the Unforced Rhythm of Grace





Mark 11:24; Psa 37:4; Gen 3:16

As believers, our results in the kingdom are not products of your efforts but our results are products of His grace.

Rom 9:16

Willing and running speak of effort; it is not how determined you are or how strong or fast you are but of God who shows mercy.

Mercy is a term used for the disposition of God when He intervenes in your matter. Mercy is God’s divine intervention.

Grace is an expression of the mercy of God. Every person will need the mercy of God at a certain point in your life. God allows a situation to outlast your effort in order to gain your attention.

Heb 4:16

The evidence that you have accessed the mercy of God is the grace of God at work in your life. The mercy of God is always readily available, you need to connect to it.

Zech 4:6

The spirit of God is like current, when it is flowing, a little effort will yield great result. Current travels much further than effort.

What is the essence of effort?

Effort doesn’t produce a result but it reflects the desire and God responds to desire. If you do not put in the effort, you cannot demonstrate your desire.

Mark 11:24

Desire means to crave for something. Your desire consumes you so much that it propels your effort. It is not what you merely say but what drives the words, action!

1 Kings 8:17-18, 15

Our results are by grace. Your effort is not what produces the result, your trying demonstrates to God that you desire it.

In 2022, grace will not flow where you are casual. Your result will show if you are casual or you are craving.

Psa 37:4

Your prayer starts with desire. Secrets are shared when there is a delight.


Gen 18:17-18

Abraham delighted in God and God delighted also in Abraham. Delight is intimacy, they allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Psa 1:2

To delight in the word of God means to allow the word of God to read you in as much as you are reading the word. Delight is a 2-way interaction.

Prov 4:23

The heart is the womb of your life but not the source of your content. Pay attention to what you are desiring and re-access what your desires are. Allow the Spirit of God to inspire your desires. Your desire is a reflection of your delight.

Psa 45:1; 139:23-24 Submit your heart to the Spirit of God.

Beware of the contents that you allow into your heart: words, evil thoughts, pictures.

Rom 10:8 The content of the heart: words

Gen 6:5 The content of the heart: limiting thoughts are also evil thoughts because whatsoever that is not done in faith is sin. Evil thoughts about yourself is likewise evil and sinful.

Gen 13:10 Beware of what you see i.e. pictures.

Mark 11:24; James 4:1-3

Whatsoever you desire, the first question is where is your desire coming from?

Lust is anything that you desire that did not come from God.

John 15:7

The desire that is granted by God is the one that the Lord put in you.

Gen 3:1, 6, 16

The desire for the tree did not come from God but from a conversation with a serpent. Who are you talking to?

Gen 3:16 When you delight in the wrong voice, you will reap negative consequences.

As a woman, your desire was not meant to be for your husband but this is a consequence of a wrong focus.

Isa 55:1; John 7:39; 4:10-23

Thirst and hunger is a sign of unmet expectation. Real satisfaction is in Christ Jesus.

Everything that you desire, when you receive it you will thirst again. Nothing in this world can satisfy. Only Christ Jesus can satisfy. Anything you put in the place of God will rule you.

That which you are seeking in man, possessions, position etc cannot measure up to Christ.

Gen 3:16

If Eve’s delight had been in the Lord, their desire would be in the Lord. To receive from God you have to be humble.

Delight in the right things. Grace is a flow, it is unforced.



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