Matt 21:1-11

Every man’s deliverance will be determined by a willingness to respond to the call of a Master.

Matt 21:2 Refers to bondage – Loose them AND bring them to me.

Deliverance is not an event but a PROCESS! If you remain where you are, you most likely will be re-tied with more fortification.

Deliverance will meet you where you are and then you journey towards perfection in Christ.

2 Cor 3:17 Deliverance is established when you walk with the master.

Mark 3:14 Being in Christ means you are rooted and grounded in God. The quality of your grounding will be determined by the quality of your fruits. You are delivered to be with Him, in Him and be sent by Him.

Deliverance brings blessings; the way to sustain the blessing is that you are with the one who can defend you.

Two things to be aware of in 2 Cor 5:17

  1. Be with Him
  2. Learn of Him

A true believer is in Christ, a true believer becomes transformed. The revelation of the word of God will supersede the reality in your life. The reason God brings us close to Him is so that we may be sent out to do exploits.

How hungry are you to hold onto Him?

Maturity in God’s kingdom is not in longevity but in how conformed you are to the image of Christ. Your Christianity must be borne out of a relationship not religion.

1 Kings 17:7-9 When the brook becomes dry, it’s a sign that you need to go back to God for direction. When things are drying up, you need to look up to God not an event. Every time you return to God, He will tweak and clarify your vision for a relaunch. You must maintain constant communion with Him to continuously be delivered and become as Christ.

Matt 21:3 The right confession of the WORD will locate and release to you. It is what God says that carries power! God’s word distinguishes! Your portion in life is based on God’s word in your mouth.

Matt 21:4-5

Donkey is a beast of burden associated with the poor not wealthy, YET Jesus came riding on a donkey.

1 Cor 1:26-27 Every form of rejection of man is the attraction of God.

 The difference between the Donkey and the Horse:

To ride on a horse, it has to be broken however the donkey was already broken. Your rising is tied to your willingness.

Matt 21:6-7 When it was time to release the donkey the master sent men, He didn’t go Himself. People are doors / elevators so be aware! You must know how to treat people properly, be open and willing to be a helper. Naaman became healed because he listened to a slave-girl. If you truly respect God, you will see God in every man.

7 levels of wealth, money is the least so open up to all areas that God is building within you. Revelation is not accessed in isolation.

Matt 21:8 Jesus (God) sat on the donkey and the donkey received great attention, likewise when you yield yourself for God to sit on you (use you), you also become a recipient of great attention and favours.

Christ in you, the hope of glory. Look inward and what is within will rise.

Matt 21:9; 5:16 When men see you, what shall be said of you? As a true carrier of god’s glory, men will glorify God in heaven.

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