Destined beyond the Manger


Destiny has been misdefined as an element of luck, i.e., whatever happens to you (either good or bad) is not based on your actions but just happens as random happenstance.

Destiny is misdefined as a place of power, wealth, glory etc. Measuring destiny as a destination or place is an incomplete definition. Destiny is not a place but a person. Destiny is not what you get but who you become.

Destiny is being Christlike Romans 8:29. Your destiny as a believer is to be Christlike. Being successful in your career, a good parent or spouse are the benefits of being Christlike. Destiny is not about getting the benefits but being a Christlike person.  God is not withholding your blessings but is waiting for you to be Christlike so you can receive them.

Being Christlike is living your life according to the pattern that Jesus lived. The bible shows Jesus’ good work ethics, relationship development and management etc. Imbibe that life.

Rom 8:37. A Christlike person is victorious at all times. Life is not about finding yourself in the ideal situation but being the ideal person. Act 1:6-8.There is no utopia in life. If your value system is tied to material things then you will live a disappointed life.

The disciples were asking for the ideal situation; the restoration of Israel. They believed that this will make their lives ideal. But Jesus replied that it is not about an ideal situation but being empowered.  When you are empowered, you have the power to turn the situation around to suit the will of God for you. Your current situation is only there to accentuate the glory of God to be revealed in you.

We ask “God give me” but God says “Be ye transformed”. God is waiting for us to be Christlike

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