Dream Big








Gen 18:10-14; Luk 1:28-37

Nothing is impossible with God!

God is good!

 Influence and impact – the person with the most hope (faith), has the greatest impact.

Dreams are visions of a future state.

Every great dream starts with a dreamer …Harriet Tubman

A big dream is beyond the capacity of your present state / physical capability. However, every dream cannot be beyond your spiritual capacity. Job 32:8; Eph 1:3

3 Factors that will give you capacity to actualise your dreams:

  • Vision
  • Prayer
  • Overcoming obstacles

Gen 1:26-29 Vision is the bedrock of dreams; if you can see it, then you can possess it. Gen 1:28God spoke over man to be fruitful and multiply. In Gen 1:29 God spoke to Man. God said:

  1. Look (See) …
  2. …I have given you….
  3. herbs that yields seed and trees whose fruit yields seeds

 Every vision must be focused and fixed on something that has the capacity to reproduce limitlessly. This means your vision cannot be just about you. Do not follow your passion unless it has the capacity to bless others (Nations). Your conviction about your vision will influence your attitude in all that you do, even in the small things.

3 Stages of studying the word to be able to see – Nothing has greater reproductive power than God’s word. 

  1. The written word – reading the letters
  2. Hearing the written word
  3. Seeing the written word

John 5:37-38; Hab 2:1 When you start to see then you start to pray strategically.

John 15:7-8; Luk 11:1 Prayer is God’s way of establishing His will on earth. Prayer is our tool to elicit God’s power on earth.

You need to see from the perspective of God’s desires. Desire the will of God.

1 Sam1:6-9 Hannah arose and switched her prayer strategy, she focused on God’s purpose for a Prophet that will later anoint the chosen future King of Isreal.

John 15:7-8; 1 Sam 1:9-10; Phil 4:6-7 When your prayer aligns with God’s desires, you will ask anything in Jesus Name and it will be granted.

Hab 2:2 The vision has to be plain – acted on.

  • Be stubborn with the vision but flexible with your strategy.
  • Your greatest conquest is at the other side of your greatest obstacle 1 Sam 17.
  • The greatest barrier to overcoming obstacle is knowledge and self-doubt.

1 Sam 17:24-27 Count the cost of the vision, but more importantly focus on the reward as this will encourage you to move forward regardless of opposition.

1 Sam 17:28-37 Eliab challenged the integrity of David. Be prepared for vision challengers, it will help you focus on depending on God absolutely.

1 Sam 17:35-37; Philemon 1:6 To win big, you must acknowledge the good in you. Never look down on the little victories of the past.

1 Sam 17:38-42 Fight from the level of what God has helped you to prove.

Your greatest obstacle is one step ahead of you where-in lies victory.


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