Effectual Fervent Prayer & Fasting


For prayer to be effectual and fervent:

  • You must be fully invested in it. Your body, spirit and soul has to be in it. Prayer is the cry of the heart so you must have faith. James 5:16 Heb 11:6 If you have faith you will not be self conscious or problem conscious but God conscious like Hannah.
  • You must be mindful of what you say. Matt 15:8Do you remember what you pray for? Don’t be like a man who planted a seed (prayer) and forgot it so that when harvest time came, he was unable to access it. Learn to write the vision down.
  • Prayer must be intense. You are focused on receiving and nothing else. 2nd Kings 13: 18- 19 King Joash was casual in executing God’s will (prayer) and his success was limited.
  • Prayer must be sustained. Prayer is like a lay away. You keep depositing prayer till it breaks through for you. You must be disciplined in prayer. Praying from emotions won’t last and it is only discipline that sustains your prayer till it is answered.

Prayer helps you accomplished beyond your limitation. Prayer activates what God can do for you. Luke 1:37. Stagnancy is a manifestation of lack of power. God takes away your limitation and gives you His strength.

Prayer power is generated in seclusion. You must learn to raise a personal altar (where spiritual meets physical). Prayer meetings are good so we can collectively come to draw from God but Peter and John en-route to a prayer meeting were able to pray for healing because they had personal prayer time. They did not depend solely on prayer meeting Act 3:1-7

Luke 11:1 Jesus so modelled prayer life to the disciples that they realised that they need prayer to move forward. It was not something Jesus enforced but they came to realise through Jesus’ practice. You become what you behold.

About effectual fervent fasting

  • Fasting defends your portion in life. 2nd Chr 20:  Jehoshaphat was scared for what was coming so he called a fast. He was not confident but he took charge by handing over the unknown to God.
  • Fasting re-focuses your attention on God’s ability and not yours. It amplifies prayer power. Some demons are stronger than others. A life style of fasting generates power for the evil day. Fasting is spiritual gym. It makes your body as an altar and your stomach (appetite) a sacrifice
  • Ezek 16:49-50. Sodom is known for homosexuality but what triggered its destruction was its unbridled appetite. Learn to bridle your appetite through fasting to avoid destruction.

When you pray and fast:

  • Books of remembrance are re-opened: Mordecai had been forgotten but was remembered after him, Esther and all Israelites went into fasting. Esth 6:1
  • We receive favour instead of judgement and our enemies receive shame. Haman was hung on the 75 feet high (about 8 story building) gallows he built for Mordecai. Est 7:10
  • Power changes hands Esth 8:1-2.
  • Positions you in the middle of your harvest. Many people are labouring outside their harvest in life. Matt 9:37 The harvest (opportunities in life) is plentiful. Because God is the lord of the harvest, you may not reap where you sow but your prayer ensures that you are located in your harvest. Paul kept on preaching to the Jews and he kept getting beaten. But when he discovered his harvest to be the Gentiles, he move forward. In harvest, a little produces a lot. Things are falling in place.
  • Prayer helps us value ourselves. Jacob undervalued himself by offering to pay 7 years wages. Typically, bride price is a couple of months’ wages. Laban saw Jacob undervalued himself and he took advantage of him.
  • Fasting and prayer breaks the spirit of delay. It induces delivery.

Luke 4:1 God will lead those who are full into the wilderness. Wilderness tests what you are made of. Wilderness is where you think you are marking time, not making progress. Luke 4:40 After fasting, Jesus was announced in the realm of the spirit. So although he had not started preaching, he was known.

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