John 17:14-18

As followers of Christ, our thinking is different from the world, thus the world despises us.

John 17:17; Isa 55:9 The more your thoughts align with the word of God, the easier it is to identify you as a child of God.

God has given you His thoughts via His word (The Bible) so that you can disciple others and influence the world around you, making positive impact all round. Wherever you find yourself, things must appreciate, you are a life giver. A land is blessed because of the quality of the people within it.

As a Christian, everywhere you find yourself, you should exercise change, we all are agents of change!

To exercise change, you must see value in the word of God. So along as you value the word and align yourself to the light of His word, His words will reflect His light through you to the world around.

“Until you respect the simplicity of the logos, you will not access the wisdom of the rhema.”

The word of God is the power of God unto salvation. Daniel valued every word of God and he remained relevant throughout his lifetime.

  • You must embrace your identity in God. Your identity is how you see yourself. As a believer, your identity is in Christ Jesus. You are a child of God regardless of your location, race, gender, age, status or circumstance. Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Things that can influence your identity:

  1. You are created in the image and likeness of God Heb 1:2-3; Rom 4:13; John 4:18. To be an heir means to be in ownership, to take responsibility (Heb 1:2).
  2. Heb 1:3 You are an ambassador of God on earth. You are a vessel of Christ.
  3. Heb 1:3 You reflect God as you align your life with Him. You the express image of God. Your primary role as a believer is to ensure that God is in you at all times, hence by believing God and acting on His instructions. Everything you believe, you become.
  4. We express the image of God which is LOVE.
  5. We are a speaking spirit.


When you establish your identity, you learn Christ. John 15:5

You are complete in Christ.

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