Embracing Your Now


At times, you find yourself in a scenario you did not expect to be in.

  • Mary was a virtuous woman but found herself pregnant out of wedlock
  • Esther unintentionally became queen but found herself fighting to save her life.
  • Abigail, an extremely beautiful woman who could have had her pick of men ended up with a foolish man.

These women got what they did not bargain for but chose to embrace their now (current circumstances) instead of buckling under negative feelings and peer pressure.

Eventually, God gave them far more than their troubles. The lesson is that even in your pain, God can bring out beauty.

You may have plans but they may not always work out. Don’t feel like a failure if your hopes seem dashed. Bring all negative thoughts under the word of God.

Avoid peer pressure. Remember, it is not for people to say where you should be but it’s God who determines what your success story looks like.

Don’t let the things that you do not have cloud your picture of life. You are blessed and favoured, no matter how “bad” your life may seem.

So, embrace God’s plan. Leave your dashed plans behind and look to God to redirect your path. He will lead you to where you are meant to be and that place will outstrip your wildest imaginations. Selah.

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