Established in Faith


Col 2:6;

God has called all believers to perfection i.e. maturity. Maturity is not determined by how long you have been a Christian but how transformed you are into the image of Christ. Your relevance in Christ and key to taking your possessions depends on your level of maturity.

Col 2:6-7

You then need to take the next step which is to adopt God’s kingdom lifestyle. At times, this lifestyle may be a chore but you then need to move from it being a chore to a delight. The key to excelling is being thankful for the system.

Isa 1:19 is paraphrased” If you are willing to learn the system of God and willing to obey what you have learnt in the system, then you will eat the good of the land”.

It what your mind is full of that directs your life. If you have hate and anger towards something, you are mindful of it, thereby giving it power over you. What your mind is full of is what you will attract.

The kingdom of God is God’s system and country. To thrive, you must learn the language of the country. So educate i.e., exposure yourself in the things of God. Exposure yourself to the Word which is what helps you pray effectively. Learn the culture of the system.

Your key prayer point should be enquiring into God as against praying for benefits

There are 3 classes of believers. Those who:

  • Seek His hand: They are not mature
  • Seek His face: They seek what He says. They are like servants looking for how to carry out God’s instruction and get benefits. Their relationship with God is transactional.
  • Seek His heart: They seek what God wants. They are sons of God. They seek to know Him. They seek not his Hand but a deep relationship with their Father.

What type of believer are you? Are you established in Him as a son? Do you reflect God's character? Are you established in the faith?

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