Rev 12:7-12

Satan can no longer accuse you before God because He has been cast down, right now you have an advocate before the Father, Jesus. However, satan can accuse you to yourself, but you need to stand in the liberty where which Christ has made you free. Don’t be deceived. You need to understand the reality of your salvation in Christ and walk in the fullness of this revelation.

Regardless of the unrest all over the world, God has given us a word in Jer 29:11. The path to the expected end is by faith Gen 46:3-4. The path of faith is the path of divine instruction; faith is the step that you take in response to the word of God. Gen 47:13-12 (God’s word to Jacob produced sustenance).

Faith is a cultural and familial thing, it is only for those in relationship with God.

Heb 12:3; Rom 1:17,8:30. The just shall live by faith. Those who are justified will be glorified. The path to glory is by faith.

Glory is everything that God has for you and wants to express through you.

Ps 16:11; Rom 1:16-17 The path of life is the path of faith. Live by faith such that you trust faith more than mere reality. This is a path of continuous dependence on God. It is your priesthood that will sustain your dominion. The higher your dominion, the higher your priesthood. Faith makes you an extension of the movement of God John 5:19, 30.  You are a reflection of the move of God 1 Cor 2:16.

The mind of Christ is the mind that depends on God, this is a position of true wisdom. Faith draws eternal life into natural life. Eternal life is not in the future but it is governed by the word of God (God’s glory realm) Heb 1:3. The atmosphere of eternal life is glory. The natural life is the man-realm, reflects the systems of the world, corruption and system failure.

A man of faith draws from the realm of faith into the natural life. There is no limitation in eternal life.

John 10:10; 3:16 In eternal life, restoration is always better than the original. Eternal life is only produced by the word of God. In the kingdom of God, you really never suffer any loss. The question is, are you willing to trust God through the process. The path of restoration is the path of faith. E.g Ruth. She sought sustenance (mercy), but she met with her Boaz (grace).

Remember, we are pilgrims on earth, not inhabitants of the earth because we have Christ, we are citizens of heaven. Rev 12:7-12; Ps 1:-2; Jer 15:16; Ps 119:162.

Don’t be self-conscious but God conscious, you are called by His name. God’s word still speaks. When the word of God is more real to you, then your status / circumstances will experience a change.

Stay with the Word!

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