Faith over fear









Isa 8:10-14

2 Tim 2:15

The bible is a book of promises, principles and patterns. There is a way to study and understand the Bible.

The covenant of God declares the promises of God and show us our redemption right in Christ Jesus. The blood of Jesus has ratified all of God’s promises for us and our children.

The prophetic scriptures describe our response to the promise of God. For example Isa 1:19; 60:1; Jer 1:11-12; Eze 37:3

Every prophetic response carries 2 ingredients; faith in God and focus on God. Your faith will only be activated when you are focused on God and not the challenge.

Where is your faith and focus?

In uncertain times, fear is an enemy.

Eph. 2:1-3

The prince of the power of the air is the spirit that controls the airwaves, media, and entertainment. Fear is propagated through the airwaves.

Whatever you hear will either encourage, quicken or kill you. Death is separation from God and leads one to a path that is negative. The more negativity you hear, the weaker your response. The response to bad news is fear. Invariably, you respond as the enemy desires and become a victim of the age and then you begin to align with the negative agenda of the evil one.

Isa 8:10

Heb 13:5b-6

Man always has agenda. But the schemes of man should never generate fear within any child of God because God is with us. Your prophetic response should be guided in the word of God.

Isa 8:11

Rom 14:23

Your attention should not be on the conspiracy theories that are being propagated through the airwaves. Focusing on conspiracy theories will generate fear, rather than faith in the word of God. Beware that you are not praying out of fear rather in faith. For prayer to be effective, it must be prophetically conceived. Prayer must arise from the scriptures.

Rom 8:28

Your prophetic response must be in fearing God and not conspiracy theories, economic projections, statistics etc.

Heb 11:1-3

The elders obtained a good report not because of the outcomes but by their actions.

Heb 11:4 Abel offered an excellent sacrifice to God – this is action.

Heb 11:7 Noah moved into action to build the ark

Heb 11:8 Abraham obeyed God and moved to a land which he would receive as an inheritance.

Heb 11:3 Through faith the world was framed by the word of God.

That which is framed is established. The world is either framed by faith or by fear. It is not all that is happening that is from God. Regardless of what is happening, God is constantly looking for men that would establish His counsel on earth. All that is bring projected out there is to distract you from focusing on God and His counsel.

Is your world being framed by fear, economic projections, death, or by faith in the word of God, praying the word of God, meditating on the word of God and speaking His word in every season.

Prov 4:23; Phil 4:7-8

The womb of your spirit is your heart. Guard your heart. Fear aborts faith. Your womb is carrying something precious that would be part of God’s reset agenda for the earth.

We choose faith over fear!

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