Faith That Works


Faith is your correct response to God's desire. If you go to a restaurant and pick an item off the menu but the chef insists and forces you eat another meal because that's his tastiest meal, then the chef did not respond correctly to your desires.

In exercising faith, you will get results e.g., healing, prosperity but that is not the purpose of faith. The purpose of faith is to please God.Your life’s fulfillment is not in getting results but pleasing God. If you are pleasing God in your marriage you will get fulfillment.

Luke 12: 15 A man’s life cannot be counted in the abundance of what he has. Abundance is meant to be a benefit of pleasing God, i.e, it is a result of pleasing God (faith).

God responds to your faith by giving you grace. Grace is ability. When you seek God, He rewards you grace to get results.

Faith is not manufactured. It is received by seeking. To seek means going out of your way to gain something. 

Another word for favour is opportunity. God will surround you with opportunities.

1st John 1:5. Why do we seek God? Because God is light. Light enables you to know what to do per time. Light is might. Might is the ability to do. Might is not force.

Being blessed is a purpose of faith and not the result of faith. God pays the fattest tip. Everything we pray for i.e., marriage, prosperity is a tip.

The blessing (results) does not come by mistake. It is manufactured in heaven and you should take delivery. Delivery of blessings is not by your efforts but by God giving you light (knowledge and might/ability). That why the race is not given to the swift (those with human abilities).

The same faith you need for £50 is the same as the faith to receive £5 million. The difference is your perception of God.

Mark 6:31 Jesus was travelling by boat but people were walking to seek him. Jesus could not ignore such "seeking". He rewarded their seeking with faith. 

Mark 6:37 Jesus had been teaching them many things. It was the disciples that told Him to stop preaching.  They were so familiar such that when others were listening to words of faith, they were looking at the time. Jesus knew He had preached so much that faith abounded in the people so He told the disciples to feed the congregation knowing fully well that faith was given to them for that situation.

The little boy received faith i.e. light to understand that his food was more than enough for 5,000 people so he offered it.

  • 5 loaves of bread. Grace (5) from the word (bread). The bible= Law (written for sinners) + Prophets (announced Christ to come) + Gospel (Good news to the righteous). The bread is the work of grace.
  • 2 fish (souls) . 2 is the number of agreement. The boy and Jesus agreed. The boy did not despise what was in his hands. There nothing you bring to God that He despises.
  • 12 baskets: A basket signifies a system. A lot of times God blesses us but we don't turn it into a system. Speak the word as an incantation so that it embodies the situation around you i.e. becomes a system. God wants you to move from break through to break through. Use the system to govern your lives

Psa 5:12 The righteous is one who has faith. Believes in what in his hand. Righteous is believer. Being blessed is to be empowered to prosper. What you believe as a righteous person, God breathes on it. 

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