Favour that makes fruitful








Gen 26:1-4, 12-14

Material blessing is part of God’s favour. Similarly, every mighty river has a source. The source of every material blessing is a product of the favour of God. The encounter and the presence of God is the foundation of our favour in God. The favour of God can reflect in material blessings and blessedness.

Joseph was a prosperous man because God was with him. Despite being a slave and prisoner, he enjoyed the favour of God and this reflected in his prosperous encounters from Potiphar’s house to the prison and eventually to becoming a Prime Minister.

Prov 3:4; Luke 2:52

Jesus found favour with God and man. It takes both for favour to be complete. Favour with man alone is incomplete however favour with God ensures that you also find favour with man. If you chase after a man’s favour alone, that favour is incomplete. It takes you finding favour in the sight of God to enjoy favour with man. Jesus sought the favour that comes from God only.

Any favour sought with man without seeking God’s favour will never last. For example, Lot went into Sodom full and came out empty. It takes the presence of God in your life for favour to endure.

Num 23:19; Isa 44:25

No man has the capacity within himself to fulfil the promise that he made to you, however God is not a liar and He has the capacity to sustain and fulfil every promise He has made to you. When you have favour in the sight of God and man, the favour is established such that it would sustain you, outlive and outlast your helper.

Lev 26:9

The favour of God will make you fruitful, multiply your fruit and establish His covenant, the purpose for which Christ died for you to be saved. To be made differs from being given. To be given means to receive as you are. However to be made is to be transformed into something/someone else before you receive.

Gen 12:1-2; 26:4

The favour of God makes men first and then gives them resources. God is not wicked to delay “giving” but you must be made first. God blesses, empowers before he gives.

Prov 10:22

A favoured person is a blessed person and a blessed person has been made. The blessing of God makes rich/fruitful.

James 1:2-5

Until you have been made, you will not understand/appreciate the worth of wisdom. Until Solomon was made King, he realised that he needed wisdom.

How does God make us?

Gen 26:3; John 8:29; Exo 33:14; Gen 39:2

Favour starts from God’s presence. Favour starts with God gifting you with His presence. God meets with you as you are and makes you into whom He wants you to be. Part of the blessing of God is the process of God. God’s training empowers you, the process is not always sweet but very rewarding.

Luke 9:16

The blessing of God is the process of God. Whatever God blesses, He breaks. It is only what has been broken that can be fruitful and multiply. Your breaking is your blessing.

Luke 22:19

The church is the body of Christ. The church is as blessed as it is broken. Every breaking brings you to a point where you acknowledge your weakness. The weakest church is the one that thinks it is strong. The more the church is broken the more they are dependent on the grace of God and willing to serve God’s agenda.

Lev 26:9

Fruitfulness is a mind-set. To be fruitful, you need:

  • Seed to be committed to the ground
  • The ground

The ground is dirt. The commitment to dirt is the mind of Christ.

Your seed is your gift, it is your resource. Your soil are men. Although men are messy (dirt), they necessary for your seed to become fruitful. Men can be ungrateful, messy etc but you need them. You tolerate men and keep doing good because for a seed to be fruitful, you must be committed to the ground (dirt/man). The inconsistency of men must not stop your commitment of being of service for you to enjoy favour. Even Jesus was committed to men even to the point of death.

Fruitfulness means you may need to take a risk where you have been burned or hurt in the past. Remember it is favour with God first, because man always fails.

When you do good to man, you have done good to God. Let go and let God.


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