Favour Vs Fact


Favour Vs Fact

Dear Beloved,

Psalm 89:17 The horn is a symbol of strength, capacity and ability. Your ability to live an elevated, promoted and full life depends on God’s favour, not the facts of your life.

Favour is the approval Christians have from God. It has nothing to do with your current reality. Don’t limit yourself by your present circumstances.

Facts are your current reality; they are written fact. It is your background, family, status etc.

Facts may increase the probability of your success but does not guarantee it. Only favour does.

Fact: Peter was an experienced professional fisherman. Jesus gave him an instruction that trumped the facts of his profession.

Favour: Peter obeyed God and ignored the voice of his experience. He experienced favour of abundance. John 21:1-7

A favour from God can settle you and redeem the time. The blessings due to you can be collapsed in one day and released to you by the favour of God.

Fact: The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. They worked but received no wages. Their labour made others rich whilst they remain poor.

Favour: In one day, they took all the wealth they had made for the Egyptians and left the place of slavery. Ex 12:36

Whether the fact of your life is good or bad, they cannot determine your future, which depends on the favour of God. Nothing is released to you except by favour.

Fact: Esther was not the only one who met the criteria to be the King’s new wife. Esther 2:3. Although the fact and reality of her life qualified her, there were many other girls who also qualified. Esther 2:8

Favour: However, the King chose Esther once he saw her because she was the only one that won his heart and favour. Esther had seen favour with the eunuch who knew the king’s desires. Esther 2:8-15

Learn to base your expectations on the favour of God and not your qualifications.

Fact: Ruth was from Moab, a country borne out of the incestuous relations between Noah and his first born daughter. Gen 19:31-37. God instructed Israelites not to have dealings with Moab Deut 23:3

Favour: Ruth found favour with people in the field, who did not chase her away and also with Boaz who actually gave her help and married her. Ruth did not limit the expectation of her future to her pedigree. She relied on God’s favour.

I will look on you with favour and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you. Leviticus 26:9New International Version (NIV)

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