From Barrenness to Fulfillment

cog.jpgAlthough Zechariah and his wife were righteous (good) people, they experienced a bad situation i.e., barrenness. Luke 1: 5-20

Barrenness is a situation where you put in more that you get out; seeds should grow and bear fruit. Barrenness robs you of fruitfulness. Fruitfulness is not optional. It is a commandment from God because fruitfulness brings on dominion. Gen 1: 28.

Barrenness in the life of a believer seeks to call God a liar, i.e., He has commanded that you be fruitful so why are you experiencing barrenness? It also seeks to call you, a believer, a liar, i.e., if you truly serve God like Zechariah did, then why are you experiencing barrenness? Could it be that you are lying about your relationship with God? Could it be that you are harbouring secret sins in your life? These are the questions people may ask you. However, you need to refuse to agree with the barren situation and what people are saying. Like Zechariah; keep on offering incense (worship/prayer) to God.

Your challenge is not about you but about the name of God being defamed. Therefore, don’t keep on asking God why me? Rather, keep worshipping and looking for ways to impact the lives of people as that has eternal significance.

The devil raises problems so you can doubt God, God allows problems to try your faith, i.e., bring out its essence.

You get frustrated when your situation does not align with God’s expectation/word. When your situation aligns with His will, it brings fulfilment.

The answer to frustration is not more effort, i.e., I’m not praying or fasting enough. The answer is grace, God’s help. What are you conscious of; your efforts or God’s grace? Peter toiled all night (efforts) but God’s word (grace) gave him fulfilment Luke 5:5.

Find a word for your situation and keep believing it. Your continued faith will not just bring your heart’s desire but also God’s will which is fulfilment. E.g., God will not just bring you a job but also a place of influence (ministry).

Anything that comes from a barren life carries influence. John the Baptist is the forerunner to Christ.

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