From Desolation To Fruitfulness


The true identity of any situation is what God calls it. God created everything good. Every creation has a functional expectation from God. Your function follows your identity; not the other way round. E.g., the fact that you are a good swimmer (functionality) does not make you a fish (identity).

At times, your identity may not align to your functionality but don’t let this change your sense of identity. David was ordained king before he had a single follower.

God will work with your identity to ensure your functionality eventually aligns to it.E.g, although God called the earth to be concrete but its reality was formless. However, God still called it earth (its identity) till it became so i.e. became concrete and held creation.

The fact that your functionality (your situations, life direction) does not align with your identity (what the Word says about you) doesn’t mean God has left you. Although the earth was formless, God still hovered over the deep. God is attracted to your issues so He makes them align to who He has called you to be.

Every word over your life must be tested so persecution must arise for the Word’s sake. The frustration you feel when things are not working properly is placed there by God. Many are comfortable with dysfunction. They think it normal because their spiritual eyes have been blinded. 2nd Cor 4:4

The wine God produced at Cana was better than what the world produced because it was from God. God allows things to depreciate in your life so you can become unsatisfied and then desire what God has (which is the best) instead of settling with the “normal” which is the corrupted version).

Every change in your life is not dependent on time but on the Word. Psa 107:20. Healing is for what already exists that is not functioning properly. Healing means to make whole, to receive things as God created and to carry the essence that God created it to have.

Job 32:8. It is breath of God that allows things in a man’s life to function properly. The breath of God means the vital principle, His essence. There is a spirit (a way of working) in your marriage, career, etc but it is the breadth of God that helps you know how you work it.

No matter your circumstances, don’t avoid those who are exhibiting what you are looking for. You may avoid those who have what you want because their prosperity reminds you of your failure. But what makes you a failure is when you stop believing God.

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