Give a shout


God instructed all those who entered the temple not leave via the same way. You cannot enter the presence of God and leave the same way. Open yourself to Him.

The storm was not meant for everyone on the ship. It was only for Jonah. Be careful who you associate with.

Isa 16:14 Although you pray and believe, remember that has an appointed time.

Before every move of God there is a shout. God asked the Israelites to shout and the wall of Jericho came down. He did not ask for Joshua’s skills or talents (your certificates or abilities), only a shout. Their shout showed their belief in God’s powers, a complete dependence on Him, trust that they would overcome and praise to their King.

Jericho was locked up. It seemed that the Israelites journey of 40 years was a waste but a shout made a way. Learn to vocalise your faith to unlock barriers.

Women typically go through pains to give birth so what was so different about Zion travailing? It was because Zion birthed a nation in a day. The baby hit the ground running. Isaac sowed and reaped in one year during a famine. God is able to compress time for you to achieve His will. Do your part by giving a shout.

Herod killed James and the church kept quiet. Then he tried to kill Peter. If you keep quiet when the devil attacks you, he will move on to attack you even further. You need to give a shout to show you already have victory regardless of the current situation.

Your shout also signifies praise. Praise is solely consumed by God. In Acts 12, they prayed but nothing happened. Then in Acts 16, they prayed and sang, then an earthquake came and removed all the barriers and people became free. Your praise can release you and others.

The devils 3rd request to Jesus was worship. The secret of wealth (abundance) is worship. Systems and constitutions do not change to your emotions but to the power of God.

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