Gen 4:1-17; Jude 11; 1 Cor 2:9-11 

In the church there are two classes of people who claim to be Christians:

  1. Spiritual People also called True worshippers John 4:24.
  2. Religious People, having a form of Godliness but no power 2 Tim 3:5.

God seeks a comfortable place for His presence to rest upon Isa 11:2-3. Just as hospitality makes man comfortable, similarly true worship makes God comfortable. Are you a true worshipper?

For God’s presence to rest upon you means:

  • You must worship God in Spirit. 1 Cor 2:10-11 God wants to be worshipped in spirit, this is only possible through the direction / guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. Worship is not limited to an expression in songs. God is seeking a perfect heart; this does not mean a sinless heart but a heart that always wants to honour God in spirit. Worship is the constant state of your heart seeking to please God in every situation per time; it’s not your acts but your heart. Only the Spirit of God can lead a true worshipper.
  • You must worship in Truth. Rom 12:1-2; Luke 4:8; Eph 2:5-7 Worship according to the scriptures. Your level in God is determined by your knowledge of His word. You stand in grace according to the faith you can access. By worshipping God in truth, you must be open, transparent and without hypocrisy Heb 4:12-13. Come naked before God. When you read God’s word, the word in turn reads your life (scans you thoroughly). Take off the mask, quit pretense! The strength of sin is in secrecy, however once sin is exposed it no longer has a hold over you. Man may deny you in spite of your past but God chose you despite your past Rom 5:8

Gen 4:7; Matt 20:15 Rather than get angry or upset about the progress of another person, seek to learn from them. Abel had a heart for God while Cain was self-centred. God desires a people that are receptive to His spirit. Effective prayer is not in the longevity but the reception there in.

Is your worship directed by the opinions of men or by God? Beware!

Laws are for religious people not spiritual people. The easier God can direct your life, the more He can trust you with His resources. No one can please God without faith, faith opens God’s mind to us.

John 3:27 Everything you give up to honour God will make you appreciate. When you appear weak with God, then are you strong and powerful with man.

Matt 19:30 The religious will always hate the spiritual. Watch your attitude! When you have the wrong attitude, you loose your relevance.

Gen 4:12-17 Despite Cain’s attitude, God showed him mercy. Cain became fruitful and he built a city. If Cain can build a city, in Christ Jesus you have the power to build, nothing can stop you.

Seek to be a true worshipper. Worship God in Spirit and in Truth always.


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