God Uses Relationships


Be aware of the relationships around you

Friends push you into destiny. Peter was a friend but when he spoke against Jesus’ death, Jesus called him an enemy. When Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, Jesus called him friend.

Your fruitfulness is tied to your fellowship with God. The ordained 12 were primarily to be with Him (fellowship) and only then to be sent to preach, heal & cast out demons.

What is the strength of your relationship with Christ? Mark 3: 13-15

In the Old Testament, the temple was not just a pace of worship; it was also a centre of government. God affects every facet of our lives so instead of trying to be more successful, commit more to your fellowship with Christ.

Matt 5:16: Let your light (essence) be shown to all. Your essence is based on discovering your identity in Christ. God called Abraham a father of nations whilst he was yet childless. Being a father of nations was Abraham’s identity in Christ (truth/essence). Agree with God by calling yourself what He sees you.

Christians are born of 2 substances. Born of man (humanity/flesh) and born of God (divinity/spirit). Your destiny is tied to your divinity and not your humanity.

Joseph was called “Zaphenath-paneah” which is a title. Even when in crises, he kept to the core of his essence and later, people recognised his essence.

People are doors. God will use relationships with people to restore us. Joseph did not despise the 2 prisoners and one wasused to promote him.

We must forgive people. Gen 20:17, Gen 21:

Sarah’s condition was put on Abimelech’s wives. Abraham could have allowed his childlessness misery to have comfort in numbers. But he forgave them and prayed for them.

Forgiveness is an act of faith. It is believing my future is better than whatever has happened in the past. Forgiveness shows you know that what has been done will have no bearing on your future and acknowledging that I no longer need what was lost.

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