Isa 60:1-3

Nations does not only mean race / tribe but also means ALL spheres of influence

Gentiles are those who don’t know God.

Isa 60:12 Make yourself available so nations are not wasted! People and systems that exclude you, will be to their detriment because you make these systems assigned to you relevant.

1 Cor 15:10 This season you will emerge, you will show forth because God’s grace is your fertiliser for growth.

Reasons for stunted growth/confinement

  1. Ignorance: Hosea 4:6. Ignorance of God’s promises, His will, His mode of conduct.

To overcome ignorance, seek knowledge.  Meditate on the Word.

  1. Different stages of growth: A chick is incubated in an egg for a while till it breaks out, fully grown. There are different stages in growth. A toddler will try to walk and fall but needs to rise again to fully grow. Challenges are for you to grow. The power and understanding you receive through challenges are priceless and to be used for others.

Anyone who breaks an egg to bring out the chick prematurely is not helping. There is a beauty developed in the eggshell which is necessary for growth.

James 1:4 Entire means complete, FULL!  You are a city that cannot be hid. You become a city which has everything.

  1. Wickedness of the devil: Matt 5:14-16. You are a city that cannot be hid. You become a city which has everything.

Ezek 28:14,17 Lucifer used to cover God for good. Now, he covers people for evil.

2 Cor 1:3-4  God gives you victory so that you can raise victories for others.

Gen 27:40 Esau was made subject to Jacob because Jacob got the blessing. However, he grew too big for the confines kept over him. A yoke is used to join two similar sized animals together. However, as you grow you dictate the pace and then break free from the now smaller animal.

Words have power! We are speaking spirits so keep speaking! Declare God’s counsel over your life, family, circumstances and see things change for God’s glory through His word.

Therefore, receive grace to grow in;

  • The word of God
  • Prayer
  • Character
  • Talent & Potential via training and self-development
  • Develop a learners mindset – seek knowledge
  • Influence

BEWARE!!! Don’t stop your emergence through; Unforgiveness, Resentment, Hatred, Malice, Pride etc.

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