Harnessing the Power of Meditation for moving on








Gen 1: 1-3; Josh 1:1-2, 8

What you say continually is what you meditate on. The words you say, the narrative takes root deep within. Meditation is a very powerful thing, it would determine whether you move forward or stay stagnant.

The spirit of the Lord was brooding. To brood means to think about a problem over and over again in a negative light. When God brooded in the scripture, he did until his brooding activated light.

Steps to meditation

  • To meditate means to ponder.
  • Take inventory means to take stock. You take inventory of what is left (the remnant).
  • Process what is left to how you think you can produce more (i.e. process the information).
  • Conclude and make a decision.

Truths about Meditation 

  1. Meditation brings clarity.
  2. Meditation amplifies details. The more God looked at the earth, the more He was able to process the situation into creating something out of the seemingly “nothing”.
  3. Meditation arranges things sequentially.

Worry is a form of negative meditation.

The consistent activity of meditation is what activates light. Light means revelation.

Two important things about Revelation

Revelation makes things visible. Visibility is not a function of the eyes but of the mind. What you see is based on the kind of mind you have. Meditation produces revelation which makes certain things visible. When God wants to import something different into your mind that is not readily familiar to you, He starts by giving you a scripture. IF you meditate on the scripture more, it will begin to paint the picture in your mind.

Revelation puts things in right perspective. Meditation makes you see possibility amidst impossibility. Joseph no longer saw himself as an inmate in the prison but a pedestal to God’s divine destination.

Revelation will expose what is available to you and how God sees what is available. Revelation does not point you to a lie but what is available and God’s perspective on what is available i.e. you will begin to see the value in what is available. Revelation will never point you to what you are not. David saw his sling and stones differently and he was confident in the skill he had developed in the past. Before God will put you in a place of manifestation, He would have validated you in secret.

God sees everything that man despises as seed, and seed is valuable. Your seed is to be planted not eaten.

Gen 1:2-3

The more God brooded on the earth, the more He saw value in it. Hence when God said let there be light, light came. The infrastructure was already in place and God harnessed the power of meditation to call forth the things that were already available.

Gen 1:29

God has given man every life giving idea (seed). If you don’t know how to value your seed, you cannot produce fruit. Revelation meditation will point to you what is available, but it starts with a seed. IF you despise the seed you will never access what is achievable.

Josh 1:1-8

God reminded Joshua that Moses is dead, Now arise! When a door has been closed, you need to learn to move on. Meditation breaks the power of negative memory. Negative memory cripples a mind. Set your mind on the word of God. Depending on where you set your mind, you could either stay stagnant or progress.

Isa 43:18-20

Memory attaches itself to what is lost while destiny attaches itself to what is left. Memory hinders the ability to focus on the future. How can you observe the new when you are preoccupied with the old! Stop repeating the same old narrative.

Psa 119:40; Job 14:7

When you begin to meditate on the word of God intentionally, the word of God begins to energise you. When you meditate on the wrong things or keep negative memory it makes you lethargic, you begin to think along the lines of “what is the point of all this”. Right motivation quickens your spirit, makes you come alive.

God needs your little. The little is enough. Our God is a God of the remnant, He uses the few. God had just one son and He gave Him up for all.

Recognise the remnant, see the value in the remnant and know that it is enough for God to use.

As you meditate on the word of God, He creates a picture in your heart and points you to what HE sees in what you have.


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