Harvest of Grace


John 5:1-15. God looked and found no one to pray for the sick so He provided a pool for healing. That’s His mercy. He created a system of the pool.

System of the pool vs System of Grace

However, there was a limitation to this provision, i.e., healing was available only at certain times, you had to get in the pool first and probably needed a network of friends/supporters to help you.

This system of healing (system of the pool) with conditions for recipients to deliver is reminiscent to worldly system where you need to either know someone to carry you into the pool or you dive in first (survival of the fittest).

John 5:6-10. However, Jesus met the man to showcase the system of grace. Jesus gave him a specific instruction (pick up your mat), he believed and obeyed (evidenced by his movement to do what he could not previously do).

His healing was based on his belief and obedience and not his ability to get into the pool.

Generic instruction vs Specific instruction

The restrictive system of the pool also had generic instruction e.g., “anyone who gets into the pool” but the system of grace has bespoke instructions tailored to you e.g.,” take up your mat and walk”.  Read your bible and pray to hear your specific instruction.

Dealing with restrictive systems in life

At times in a life, you get constrained by systems in life. You have applied for jobs but still unemployed. Have prayed for healing but still manifesting illness. So, you think “I should pray more, fast more” etc but there are people who don’t even fast or pray but have what you need. This happens so that God can show you that your prayers and fasting do not make Him perform. He has already done all. You need to believe and obey. Your prayers and fasting should be to enforce what God has already done

How Jesus deals with restrictive systems in life

When the man said, “I have no man”, Jesus did not complain or chastise him on his negative outlook because Jesus recognised that the restrictive system of the pool required one to have “a man”. “I have no man” was the man’s reality.  Jesus understands the restrictive systems you deal with.

People could have said to man that he wasn’t serious, he should have made friends to help him. Maybe he has a bad character. But he tried, he attempted but just failed.

At times, we look at Christians with issues and think “oh, how can they behave or live like that?”. You don’t know if you were in their shoes you would do worse.

Saul’s troops deserted him. He panicked and sought to appease them. David used his power to fulfil his desire for a beautiful woman. Although both actions were wrong, these are things most people would do. Learn not to judge without walking in people’s shoes. Instead, be like Jesus. Don’t castigate them. Seek how to help them.

Dealing with accusers of grace

John 5:9-11. The law enforcers (Jews) picked the healed man apart. Even if they were right, where were they when the man had struggled? Why didn’t they help him into the pool? They did not make themselves available to pray for the sick so that God had to create a pool, an inanimate object to deliver supernatural healing. But they could easily see the wrong others do.

The man responded by pointing to Jesus. When people resent you because of God’s grace, just point to Jesus. Don’t try to use human logic to explain things. Be like the man; quote from your specific instructions.

How to upgrade to grace

As a Christian, you don’t try to live a righteous or holy light. You need to believe that God has made you righteous and holy already.

Luke 18:9-14. Don’t show up in life in your name, credentials and good deeds The Pharisee came to God in his name. The tax collector came to God in the name of God and was heard.

The grace of God is that you are saved by grace and you live by grace. You can live the life He has saved you to live.

Stop thinking “I should not have done that or I should do this”. You need to move on in your life. Feel good about yourself.  Listen to the instruction of God for you, believe and obey.

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