Heart Surgery – God or Mammon








Matt 6:22-24

2 Pet 1:3

Before man was created, God had prepared everything he would need for survival, to function and thrive on the earth. Before man showed up, God made sure that the environment was habitable for man’s benefit.

Anything that you choose to worship will become your task master. Worship should be strictly God’s reserve. An idol is no longer an image, an idol is anything you elevate above God.

Everything God created externally, the only thing that we are to worship internally is the heart. The heart of a man is the spirit of a man; the heart was built to house God alone. Nothing else should occupy your heart outside of God.  Anything that occupies your heart becomes your task master.

Prov 20:27

Candle means light. Light that is generated and the one that illuminates. The sun generates and the moon illuminates light. Your spirit is where God encounters you and where you encounter God. You encounter God first from your spirit then it illuminates the soul and the body. When God meets with you, He meets with you to direct you and guide you. The spirit of a man is a candle, simply means where God meets and leads you. God is the only selfless One that leads you for your own absolute benefit. Other things that occupy you (outside God) always has a personal self-centred agenda. Your fulfilment should be in doing the will of God alone.

Job 35:4; Heb 12:5-10

Your service, behaviour, character does not add any value to God, it is all for your benefit. God chastises you so he can steer you correctly. God is the only one you should worship because He is the only one that has your best interest always.

John 10:38

Holiness means purity and perfection.

Purity means the best version of yourself. The purer you are the more valuable you become. God chastises you so you can partake in His holiness. He disciplines you so He can bring out the best version of you. For a child of God, all things work together for you, but you have to be willing to stay in the centre of His will.

It is only God you can trust to lead you without going astray. The heart was built by God in man to house only God. When man fell in the beginning, God was displaced and self gained position in the heart of man. Self is the desire to self-actualise independent of God’s leading. In the 21st century the agenda of the world is to raise self-dependent individuals, this is the spirit of this “age”.

Isa 14:12-14

When God is at the centre of a man’s life, there will always be contentment. Wherever self is enthroned in the heart of a man, you will always want to prove something, this desire stems from SELF. Your security should be in God, there should be no need to prove anything. The need to always prove yourself will create rebellion.

Rebellion is rooted in pride. 3 manifestations of rebellion:

  1. I am better than the person at the top.
  2. I am better than this position.
  3. I am better than this treatment.

Prov 4:23

Guard your heart against SELF so that you don’t fall prey to the devil. You resist the devil by denying yourself.

Rev 4:2

The heart of man was made to house only one person, God. God is glorious. HE alone should occupy your heart.  This is a daily process, every day, you consciously enthrone Him. This is an intentional process.

1 Pet 1:22; Matt 6:29

The beauty of self fades after a while. This simply means that self is non-sustainable. The heart is built simply for God. When self takes over what only God can sustain, you will depreciate in value, no matter how hard you try. When self is enthroned in the heart, it seeks after material things because material things reminds self of the glory of God which it can never attain.

God’s glory covers. Who defines you is who occupies your heart. Where the spirit of God is enthroned, there is contentment; the need to prove something is absent. Your ultimate goal should be to pursue Godliness. Dethrone self (Mammon) in your heart.

Covetousness and pride without is proof of emptiness within.

You pray amiss because your prayer points are generated from self. When God is in the centre of your life, HE will steer you into His plans for you, such that as you begin to attain progress, you are not defined by them. There is a God who sits and rules in the affairs of man.

Choose today whom you will serve, God or mammon. Only God satisfies.

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