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Luke 8: 5-15

Sower in the context of this text means He who draws out. What is the Sower drawing out?

2 Cor 4:7

When everyone was born, each person has a measure of treasures within. These treasures can be in the form of skills, unique abilities etc. The Sower brings out what He has within. The seed is the word.

Psa 119:130

The entrance of God’s word gives light such that suddenly, you begin to see the deposit of the supply of all that God has deposited within you. Understanding is the awareness of the purpose of the seed (God’s deposit invested in you). The Sower draws out of you. The Sower is the Holy Spirit of God, He ministers seed. The Sower uses the word of God to shed light on who you are and to understand your purpose.

The Holy Spirit draws out and He uses the seed, The seed is the word. You must ensure that what is being deposited in you is the word. The word carries life, life means the capacity to function as created.

Until the word of God enters you, you do not become who you are created to be. The word of God must find its place in you. The spirit of God activates the word.

Eph 5:17-19; Col 3:16

Be filled with the word and the Spirit. The Holy Spirit draws out the word from within. This word is not philosophy, motivation or religion.

3 things about The Word

  1. Joh 17:17 The word of God is truth. Christ is the Truth. Anything you interpret outside the nature of Christ is obsolete. Everything true starts from Christ. There is nothing in your past that is hindering your future in Christ.
  2. 1 Pet 1:23 The word never depreciates, it is incorruptible, there is no expiry date.
  3. 2 Cor 3:6; 2 Pet 1:20-21 The word of God is Spirit-administered and not self-administered (i.e. the will of man). The word you apply is the word the Holy Spirit gives to you.

1 Cor 2:12

A believer seeks God’s counsel on every matter. Whenever you need something, your default response should always be absolute dependence on God.

God speaks through the scriptures, faith comes by hearing. The word you hear tunes your heart to receive from God.

How does the Holy Spirit administer? 1 John 5:7-8

  1. The Spirit – He minsters seed. The Holy Spirit triggers your recognition.
  2. Water Eph 5:25-26 – the water gives mind renewal in His word. The Spirit of God leads you into His word. The word confirms that which the Holy Spirit has triggered in your heart.
  3. The blood – this is not the blood of Jesus, but a person. Someone confirms the word you have received and it aligns in agreement with the Spirit and water.


The Ground

The ground speaks of your heart. The state of your heart is dependent on what your heart is disposed to. Hence guard your heart. The disposition of your heart will determine what you produce. What flows out of your heart depends on what it is exposed to, it will either be fruitful or barren.

Psa 1:1-3

Whatever you delight in you consume; whatever you consume is what you will be full of. It is the word that you are full of that will produce fruitfulness.


Types of Heart - Luk 8:5-15  

Wayside Heart

Wayside signifies those who are making progress, when they hear the word, they disdain the word. There are 2 attitudes to the Word: disdain or revere.

Luke 8:11-12 The wayside heart does not believe in the word neither does it respect the Word. This is an unbelieving heart, no faith in the word nor understanding of the word. It is your attitude to the word that opens the revelation to you which makes you fruitful.

Rocky Heart

Luke 8:13 They are excited about the word, enjoy the word but are not deeply rooted / committed to the dealings of the word. You are as deep as you are committed to the word.

Gen 48:3 (Luz means the place of growth & Canaan means humiliation)

When God appears at your place of growth which is also your place of humiliation, He comes to bless you there, so don’t be quick to leave sometimes, stay through! When the sun rises over the see, this is meant to facilitate the root to go deeper. Revelation comes at your place of tribulation and for you to access this, you need to stay there. Count it all joy when you go through diverse trials.

Thorny Heart

Luke 8:14 Those who are choked by thorns are the settlers. They settle at the point where they have received answers to prayers (career breakthrough, business, car, house, marriage, children etc). These people do not follow through with God.  God’s intention is not for a believer to settle.

Mark 4:26-28 (Analogy of a Plant)

  • The blade in this context is the first sign of life that what you have planted is growing. However, every believer should not settle at this level.
  • The ear is the first structure of the plant that grows, this is the soft structure, it has the form but no capacity to produce fruit yet. Some people settle at the ear, but there is more in God.
  • The full corn in the ear – this is the fullness of the plant. This signifies the fullness of the stature of Christ – this is where God desires every believer to aspire to become. The bride of Christ is the full corn in the ear. This is the place of a hundred fold fruitfulness, a place of complete maturity in Christ Jesus.

God is calling us to become a 100 fold believer.

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