Honour and Transformation




Honour and Transformation

Dear Beloved,

1ST Sam 22:1 The men who joined David were transformed from being distressed, discontented and in debt into men of honour. 2nd Sam 23:8-17.This is because they honoured David, who honoured God.

In order to honour someone, you should understand the person’s culture. Culture is the way of life, ethos, value systems a person, nation or organisation holds.

 John 14:23 To honour God goes beyond mere church attendance. It involves changing your value system and lifestyle to suit His culture.  

The culture you choose to honour defines you and will be the prophecy of your future. Solomon asked God for wisdom and he became known as the wisest man in the bible. Abraham chose to have faith and he became known as a man of faith.

2nd Cor 1:20 God’s word is yea and amen. He has already completed your future (yea) but you need to take action to seal the deal (amen).

Manifesting God purpose for you is intentional, you need to take action. As you take action to build your life according to God’s culture, you will enjoy the grace (help/support/power) to continue and finish.

What you build will carry the glory (attributes) of God. It will have eternal significance as people will be impacted. So keep building your life in line with God’s culture.

For some people, transformation may seem slower than others but stay in the process, transformation will come.

David’s men initially manifested a negative culture because they honoured negative actions and thoughts (distress, discontent, debt). But they took action and chose to honour God by following David who was a man after God’s heart. Then they manifested positive culture (honour).

What parts of your life needs transformation? Why not find out what God says about this and pattern your life in His culture?             

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