How God establishes the prophetic








Jer 1:9-10

The prophetic word comes and there is a process that precedes the fulfilment of the spoken word. To root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant.

The hand of the Lord came upon me…..this means the Hand of the Lord speaks of the anointing, enabling power, ability, strength of God, the grace of God in a life. For example; Ezra and Nehemiah.

Ezra 7:6, 28; Neh 2:8, 18

The hand of the Lord ensured provision and influence. However the hand of God works beyond this, it also signifies the dealings of God in a life.

1 Pet 5:5-6

The hand of God does not only ensure provision, influence but also humility. Humility is an experience that makes you appreciate others and acknowledge/respect God in every man. The hand of God makes you realise that you are not sufficient in yourself but it is God that provider and maker of all men.

When the hand of God touches your mouth such that you realise that you are not eloquent/able to by yourself. God takes control of your mouth, you no longer have your self-will but the workings of God in your life flows through such a life. Every form of weakness is an opportunity for God’s strength to be at work in your life, it should drive you to your knees to pray.

2 Cor 12:9

If you don’t think you are weak, you will never access strength. If you don’t know that there is a challenge, you will never reap the strength that you need. Every weakness in your life is a drive to prayer and the word. Switch from effort and land in grace. There is no disadvantage in God. God’s word is His power.

Rom 1:16; Heb 1:3

Salvation is a quality of life. God’s word gives me the advantage to create my possibility. The word is only effective when it is activated through your voice. Every challenge is questioning you, the word of God in your mouth is your response.

Mark 9:7

Speak words that align to the words of Christ. He is the validity by which all creation are subject to. The word of God is universal, it is not limited by time and space.

Rom 10:8

Your mouth is the gun, the word is the bullet. The word of God in your mouth and in your heart removes every weakness and limitation. Every limitation answers to the creative and powerful word of God in your life and your mouth.

Nations speak of people groups, united in language, value system, culture etc. For example the Christian group etc.

Jer 1:9-10

God has put His words in your mouth to set you above Nations (people groups i.e. immigration/health/education/finance etc). What word are you leaning on? What is your present word? Find God’s word for today and speak it. God’s word is always present, seek it now!

God has put His words in your mouth to set you over kingdoms i.e. territories, domain, resources etc. If you are not full of the spirit, you would be carried by the wind.

The word of God given to you does not add rather it refurbishes and refines you. Every prophetic word follows the same sequence.

First, the prophetic word comes to remove/dislodge/uproot things. It is like pruning. The true posture of knowing God is that you watch Him and do as He leads. You cannot help God, because it is a human element that disrupts the workings of God in your life. Rather than building according to God’s pattern, self-build is establishing Ishmaels rather than an Isaac. For Isaac to be established, Ishmael needs to be removed.

The mighty hand of God is a dealing hand. Don’t let the dealings of God in your life discourage you. God takes you through experiences to validate the power that is being deposited inside you. It is a process, embrace the dealings of God in your life. God is a good Father.

There are no losses in the Kingdom of God.

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