How Praise Works


Praise is an eternal language because it is the language of heaven. God is the only source of conversation in heaven and this is praise.

How does praise work? What does it do?

Jer 33: 1-13

Announces your identity

If you are a citizen of heaven, you should be identified by your praise.

When you shut your mouth in praise, you relegate yourself to the level of every other person. When you open your mouth to praise, you announce your identity in Christ and you are lifted to your rightful place.

When you praise, you announce in the spirit realm that you are a son of God. Both hosts of heaven and hell recognize your identity. Although the host of hell will try to resist you, your praise will attract both angels and God so no you will always be a victor. Psa 22:3

Highlights answered prayers

Prayer is a journey. Until it ends up in praise, you are yet to pray through.

When you receive a word, the way you keep on praying highlights your faith or doubt. If your prayer centres on praise, then it means you have believed the word and received it in your spirit. You announce the word by praise. The word you receive means it is yours.

Acknowledges God’s perfect work

Rev 4:10 Your crown is the zenith of your achievement. People are identified by their achievement.  When you behold God in heaven, your achievements on earth become nothing.

Your thanksgiving is an acknowledgement of the perfect work God has done. It doesn’t matter your current situation, you choose to acknowledge the perfect and choose to ignore the imperfect. Then the perfect occurs. Praise confirms that you know who you are and where you are coming from.

Changes imperfection

God has done all things perfectly. But at times, imperfection occurs. When you pray and you receive a word, then time to praise because God has showed up and imperfection is rectified.

Opens heaven

The heavens open as a macro heaven (nations are blessed) and micro heaven (people are blessed). Even if the nations turn away from God, your praise will open the heavens for you.

Brings revelation

Praise opens things up. Things that exist but not seen by you will be then be seen.

Changes people & situations

Bring God into every situation through praise (in everything give thanks). Although the situation might look bad, praise God. Praise God for the drunk son etc . Praise enables you to enter into the perfect work of God. Complaining is the opposite of praise. Start praising. Everywhere there is praise and thanksgiving God’s presence will show up and people will start behaving as they ought to in Gods will.

Gives you access to your season

Psa 139:16. God has finished all work for you but He releases it in season. Praise gives access to your finished work by posting yourself to receive. Praise reflects your praise. The position of praise is thanksgiving and praise. Psa 145:15-16

Grows your seed to become fruit

God does not give you what you settle for, He satisfies. If God gives you something that it seems it will not satisfy, it is a seed. Serve in the job wholeheartedly or treat the guy with kindness, thank God for your failing health.

Prevents jealousy & resentment

Hab 3:18-19 High places can only be accessed by faith and not by sight. Stop resenting others that seem to be ahead of you. Instead, thank God for them.

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