I am not being rude, it is strictly about examination.








Mark 8:22-26

God is examining our heart, He is perfecting His spirit within us.

Bethsaida means the house of fish; Bethsaida was a fishing town, it was a business (economic location) town more than a residential town. For every trade there is system (city / location) where opportunities can be found and the trade can be maximised.

Wherever you find the word of God, light is available to activate transformation.

Blind from the greek word tyflos meaning to be physically / mentally impaired in regards to vision. Where there is a lack of vision, people perish meaning depreciation sets in on a man without vision. The man at Bethsaida had an impaired vision meaning he saw with an opaque vision. This means to seeing but without clarity, his eyes were opened but was not communicating with clarity.

Luke 4:18

Recovery of sight to the blind means there was once sight, however, the ability to see weakened over time. The vision of a person can diminish over time. The man at Bethsaida had a condition of diminishing vision.

Vision grows as you correctly deploy its application. The more you correctly use your vision, the more it appreciates. As you apply your vision correctly, the more you see. As long as your potential is deployed in the wrong thing, you would lose your vision.

Mark 8:22

The man was blind, rending him a liability and in need of aid. This man was brought to Jesus for a touch. The word touch in this context was for Jesus to fasten Himself to the man.

John 10:10

When God touches you, it is permanent. The touch of Jesus is permanent in your life. What the Lord offers you is not a one-time touch but a life-long partnership with Jesus. This means the Lord Jesus trades His strength for your weakness.

Mark 8:23

When Jesus touched the blind man, He took him by the hand. When God touches you, you are not permitted to go back to your former life. This means your will / agenda is taken over by God. Any time you appear before God, get ready to be taken. Divine intervention is activated when you submit responsibility totally to God. When you come to God, expect to be taken, God will only defend you because He is responsible for you. God is the centre, not the addendum! This is the right order.

Jesus took the blind man, meaning the choice and decision of the man became Jesus’ primary responsibility. Jesus took the lead and the blind man became the follower. You do not decide and God helps, rather God decides and you help.

Mark 5:23; Gen 5:29; Deut 28:12; Psa 90:17

Jesus took him by the hand. The hand of a man speaks of strength, capacity and productivity. This means Jesus led the man by the hand i.e. He led him through work of his hands. The Lord knows the way that you take, He knows where that breakthrough is, stop complaining and start praising.

God is re-routing you back to His plans and purposes for you, for all things will work together for you good. You must acknowledge that Lord Jesus holds responsibility.

The nature of God is that He deals with us outside that which is familiar. The familiar conforms you mentally, visually to a certain construct. You see your environment in a certain way and it desensitises your faith. This is not a Kingdom mind-set. When God wants to deal with us, He takes us out of town (outside your comfort zone).

Mark 7:22

Jesus takes the blind man out of town to reprogram his mind.

Mark 8:26, 22; Matt 7:1-5

Jesus told the blind man do not go back to the town or tell anyone in the town what has happened to you.

Judge not, never conclude negatively about a person because you really don’t know where they are coming from. Judge not so that you yourself is not judged in the same manner. When you appear before God, allow the word of God to have its perfect work in you first before you start pointing fingers at others. Be self-reflective!

1 Cor 4:3-4

How do you examine yourself?

1 Cor 11:28-31

The bread signifies doctrine and the cup signifies the word. Communion takes you to a new level of holiness and transformation. Taking the examination unworthily means you did not receive / accept the revelation for counsel and personal transformation.

When you think you have done good for a person and there becomes a separation, it means you need to self-exam yourself because there is something wrong with you.

Mark 8:23-25; John 1:1-3

Jesus spat on the blind man because saliva carries DNA. The DNA of Christ was perfect, Holy without sin. By spitting on the blind man, Christ was transferring His DNA on the blind man. The ability of Christ was put on the man’s infirmity.

The saliva of Christ is similar to what the word of God is to us.

In your walk with God, be careful of whose voice you listen to.

The second touch means you press in, get into an environment of faith and you would see clearly. And Jesus said do not go to town.

Matt 11:21

It is dangerous to hang around the people that disregard divine intervention. People who make light of your testimony are a dangerous people to be with. When people disregard the workings of God in your life, they repel the divine intervention of God in your life.

God is examining our hearts in this season. This is not a time to be defensive, don’t fight it, embrace it because God is perfecting you. In a place of perfection, faults would be seen easily, it does not mean you are less but rather, you are being perfected.

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