I am Prosperous








2 Chro 32:1-30

God’s perspective of prosperity is the summation of His presence and His workings in your life per time.

Gen 39:2

Joseph, though a servant in the house of his master, Potiphar was a prosperous man because God was with Him.

Phil 1:6, 2:13

If God says His work in you is a good work, who are you to say His work in you is substandard because you are comparing your result/life with that of another.

It is God who works in you both to will and do of HIS good pleasure, this is not subject to comparison with your neighbour.

Joseph started to prosper when God showed up and began to work in his life. The prosperity of a believer is God being present and doing work per time in your life. The tool for God’s working in your life is His word. The more of God’s word in your life, the more work God is able to do in your life.

If God is present and working in you, you must never allow another person’s prosperity make you despise your own.

2 Kings 18:7-8, 23-25

Another person’s prosperity/gifting/influence can make you begin to undermine your prosperity, do not listen to that voice. The essence of your prosperity though it seems less in comparison to another, God does not see His work in your life as less because He sees you in the light of an eternal plan. It is ignorance and a lack of understanding for you to begin to despise the workings of God in your life, beware!!!

God’s work in your life is intentional, deliberate and destiny inclined.

Jer 1:5; Amos 7:12-15

Both Jeremiah and Amos were prophets in God’s eyes. God’s desire is that we maximise the opportunity that He has set before us. We work for the pleasure of God alone. You must have clarity in your assignment and you understand the time and season that He has set for you.

Matt 15:24; Gal 2:7

Everyone has a primary assignment. You must be clear about what God has called you to do.

John 3:1-26

Every assignment finds its relevance in its time and season. You must know what God has called you to do. Your relevance is in your assignment, you must embrace your assignment. You must be true to what you are called to, for the audience of one, God. When God says you are prosperous, He is looking at the totality of your assignment and how far you have come through. Fulfilment comes when you take right action in your assignment and the fruits you are producing.

Gen 39:3, 41:38; 2 Chro 29

You are called to be a reformer. You make people become aware of God, you speak life. Your nature is guided by God. People can see that there is a God in you. The spirit of God distinguishes you and makes you prosperous. God’s presence, workings and fruits in your life makes one prosperous, not the material things you gather.

Elevation comes when you are attacked in spite of your faithfulness.

When you have been faithful with God faithful and in response to your faithful, rather than you receive a reward, your faithfulness incites an attack against you. That attack is the pathway to elevation.

Joseph did good in the house of his master, yet he was attacked by the wife of Potiphar which led to his imprisonment. Likewise, David, Jacob etc.

The attack on the back of your faithfulness comes to derail what God is doing in your life and to sabotage its progress. There is more that God will do in your life. You must guard your perspective and not undermine your prosperity in God. Stay thankful for the good God is doing in your life and family. First be thankful because you are already prosperous. Elevation is already here.

Understand that the attack is here to announce your elevation. Do not let the attack sabotage what God is doing in your life by making you believe that God is not doing enough in your life. Beware!!!

The way into progression is thanksgiving and praise not self-pity and complaint.

Luke 22:32; Prov 24:10

Keep on moving regardless of every opposition, God is with you. There is so much more to you, keep pressing on.

2 Chr 32:20-23

Through your life, people will give God an offering. Through what God will do in your life, people will give God the glory.

2 Chr 32:27-30

Gihon means bursting forth, break through. In this season, there is about to be an infusion of resources and wealth and God wants you to create avenues to invest the wealth. It is time to expand your portfolio, create avenues for investment.

The presence of God is working in your life, stop looking at others. Your season is coming, it is here.

Be true to what God has called you, face your assignment and in the fullness of time, the traffic will come in your direction to bless you and honour your God.


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