I just want to be successful



What is Success

Success is the performance indicator of what is being evaluated. Man often determines success by wealth or other material things. But God determines success by your position to His will.

Joshua 1:8 Good success is to proceed intelligently.

Vanity is all action done without it contributing or being in line with God’s purpose. Luke 12:14

Salvation is not a means to an end. On the day you gave your life to Christ, you became prosperous because you have now embarked on a journey towards God’s purpose for you.

When did Joseph become successful?

Gen 39:1-4 and 23 Joseph, a slave and a prisoner, is described as successful. Was it because amongst other slaves, he was doing well? Was it because he was in charge of other prisoners?

No. It was because as a slave and then prisoner, he was proceeding intelligently towards his purpose and destiny-the palace.

It was God who referred to Joseph as successful. Joseph did not see himself as successful whilst a slave and prisoner. Gen 40:13-16, he wanted to leave prison as quickly as possible. He considered himself to be suffering but God saw him as successful. Your feelings about your situation do not determine how God sees you

The place where Joseph would have felt most successful (before the palace) was in his father’s house. He was a favoured child with the coat of many colours. However, he was most successful in the prison because he was just a step away from the palace. No matter how bad or retrogressed your life might seem, so far you are still in God and in a relationship with Him, you are successful. All things work together for your good.

Your success cannot be determined by any man. It is determined by God and success in God’s eyes is determined by how close you are to His purpose and expectations.


Linking dominion to success

Your work can only be successful if it is connected to your spiritual purpose which is dominion. To have dominion means you instill your desires in a situation/environment. When you instill God’s purpose in your situation or environment, then you have dominion and this is your expected end. Your spirit extrapolates/connects with the mind of God to know what God is saying about you, and then you carry it out. That is dominion.

How do you hear God's unique purpose for you?

Meditation, prayer and obedience

Meditation: Josh 1:8. Take a written word and repeat and mutter it till you become transformed. You take the word with your physical body (lips, eyes, ears) and plant in your mind till you change the way you see, talk and hear. The way you see your situation then changes.

There is a joy from understanding the word of God. You can see what God has in store for you Psa 37:4. The word paints a picture of your heart but it is not the manifestation. You should not be content with where you are as you can know see your expected end.

Most successful people meditate but as a believer, we do it based on the word of God.

Prayer: Meditation brings on revelation. We can then pray the revealed word of God. We pray the revealed way or route to our dominion (expected end).

Psa 119:105 God gives you personal instructions

Obedience: God’s word shows you the route to take and how to take the route.  You should meditate on the word. Don’t rest in the understanding of the word but forge ahead to revelation. Rest is not the opposite of work; it is the opposite of anxiety. Rest means you have an idea of the finished place and you are working towards it.

You need to meditate (repeat, mutter till you are transformed) and pray (speaking the word you have meditated) and obey the instructions from God.

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