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Eph 1:3-5 and 1 Cor 2:9

God will only allow you to experience in this life what you were predestined to experience i.e. what He has already allowed you to experience in Him in the spiritual realm.

Jer 1:5 God called Jeremiah and explained the following to him:

I knew you – I already experienced your destiny in ME

I sanctified you – I separated you to that experience that I already knew

I ordained you – I sent you as a prophet to the nations.

The same applies to every child of God, there is a great destiny ahead of you hence God has called you and sent you into this world for an assignment in Him. Every experience you have in God is always good, acceptable and perfect.

Gen 1:26-27; 2:7 Before Adam met Eve, he had experienced her in God prior to their meeting. Hence his clear understanding and interpretation of her when she was brought to him, despite the fact that he was in a deep sleep whilst she was formed by God Gen 2:22-23.

Psa 139:16 Life is actually a journey back to destiny. The only place you will fit in is our destiny. When you find your place, there you are celebrated. Eph 2:10

2 Cor 5:16 You did not originate from your past (flesh) but from your destiny (spirit). God addressed the spirit man, giving him a mandate in Gen 1:26-28.

Stop gauging yourself by your flesh or past. Your identity is not in your past but in your destiny. God sees you and addresses you as you are in destiny. Gen 25:23; Judges 6:12

When you allow the opinion of man to be over God’s, you limit yourself. Mark 6:3

Rom 1:3-4 Man is made of 2 components; Humanity (Vs 3) and Divinity (Vs 4). Your dominion mandate is attached to your divinity and your life’s issue is attached to your flesh. Judging yourself after your flesh, places a limit on yourself. You are a citizen of heaven sent on an assignment on earth.

Eph 1:4 This is how God sees us. When you focus on your self-identity, you limit God’s grace and power. Heb 11:14-16, 24.

Gen 1:26; Heb 1:3; John 15:1-5 To be able to operate like God, you must have the right perspective of who God is. You are created to depend on and reflect God’s image. You are only as effective as you are dependent on God; your strength and capacity is in God. Jesus was the express image of God; you also should manifest the following qualities as God: 

  1. God is a creator – you have the capacity to create and influence positively. Things should appreciate because of you. Gen 1
  2. God is a spirit Gen 1:2
  3. God speaks – you are created to speak Gen 1:3
  4. God is intelligent – Gen 1:6-7
  5. God created seasons – He is purposeful, so should you. Gen 1:4-5
  6. God is relational – He enjoys fellowship, so should you. Gen 2:18
  7. God has knowledge of right and wrong Gen 2:16-17

This is who God is and you should reflect these, it is your complete right in redemption. Until you have the right image of God, you will put a limitation on God and you wont grasp His capacity (His glory).

2 Cor 3:18 Don’t think (flesh) it, just believe (faith in God). The right image of God dwells in you. John 1:1; Rom 3:23; Col 1:27

John 2:11 Your destiny is your place of glory. Glory is your manifestation – living out your destiny in full bloom.

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