Imposing Aggressive Faith








Dan 11:32

Do you know God? Are you strong? Will you do exploits?

Little is much before God, He doesn’t need much to give you exploits.

An exploit is a breakthrough that you obtain after a major battle that unleashes joy into your life. The strong will have exploits, the weak will be exploited.

Everybody who is a believer can have exploits but not every believer experiences exploits.

What does it take to have you to have exploits?

We don’t have exploits because there are some attributes missing in our lives.

  1. Seek know God.
  2. Be strong in faith, word, prayer, spirit man.
  3. Learn to operate in imposing aggressive faith Matt 11:12
  4. Learn relentless and importunate prayer – pray until Heaven invades the earth; pray until you breakthrough. The success of the believer is determined by the abiding presence of the word in him AND the believers abiding presence in prayer before God.
  5. Be led by the Holy Ghost. - It is the believers right to be led by the Holy Ghost Rom 8:14



Job 22:21 It is imperative that you know God.

Ps 66:3 If you ever catch a glimpse of the Omnipotence of God, you will understand the impotence and futility of the devil. God is ALL powerful!

If you ever develop intimacy with God, you will intimidate the devil.

How do I know God? Not through your emotions!

  1. John 17:3 By His word – every time you open your Bible, He speaks.
  2. Acts 4:13 By the people around me and over me. Your association determines your impartation / assimilation. Deut 34:9 I Cor 15:33
  3. Through my communion with the Holy Ghost. It is your level of communion with the Holy Ghost that determines your dominion. Josh 1:9



Mark 5:21 Faith is to make Jesus follow you. Jairus had so much faith such that he besought Jesus to follow him – Jairus pulled Jesus to his side Mark 5:23. Jairus means ‘enlightened by the word’. Ps 119:130

Mark 5:23 Those who impose themselves on Jesus are those who got the miracles.

Mark 10:46-52 Blind Bartimeaus had imposing aggressive faith, He did not let people shot him up. He pressed further on Jesus until he got his miracle.

John 2:1-12 The Wedding at Cana, Mary did not stop believing, she imposed herself upon Jesus.

Matt 15:21-28 The Syrophoenician woman had so much faith, regardless of her identity and she imposed herself on Jesus to believe for her child’s miracle.

Matt 8:5-13 The faith of the Centurion.

Mark 2:4-5 The miracle of the man sick of palsy.

What is imposing aggressive faith? Matt 11:12

  • Imposing aggressive faith imposes itself upon Jesus, the word and the covenant.
  • Imposing aggressive faith does not take NO for an answer.
  • Imposing aggressive faith possess the promises of God.
  • Imposing aggressive faith is the faith that takes and not waits John 5:1-15.
  • Imposing aggressive faith will bully / intimidate the devil.

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