Influencing Culture


Why are there many “practising” Christians but much corruption in the world today?

Although Christians and unbelievers live on earth, we have different spiritual orientations. Although Christians may sin (have the same output as an unbeliever), we have a different spirit driving us.

Matt 28:19 is every Christian’s assignment. Make disciples of the nations can be paraphrased as go and immerse the world in My culture. Every Christian has a specific assignment (route) to establish God’s culture on earth. To this end, God has empowered each Christian with unique gifts e.g., some pastors, some through their career etc. These gifts are for us to influence society and establish God’s kingdom (God’s culture-way of doing things) on earth.

See examples using David and Joseph below.

1st Sam 16:10-20. When David was anointed to lead Israel, the whole earth shifted to align and support his leadership role (gift). That’s why he was the one called to minister to Saul in the palace (his place of assignment) and was also sent to battlefield (1st Sam 17:15-58). The empowerment of leadership (gift) on Joseph made the earth respond by leading him through slavery, prison and then the palace (his place of assignment).

Remember, as you move into your God given place of assignment, the devil will also move to attack God’s empowerment in your life. The devil doesn’t really care about you but the work of God in you. As long as David was tending his father’s sheep, he was not attacked. When going through trials and persecutions, don’t think “why me?”. It is not about you but God in you so you need to wage war with the devil.

So how do we establish God’s culture? Through the 7 mountains of influence:


Government: Legislative arm

Family: Your upbringing

Media: Platform that controls the rhetoric

Education: It shapes the mind of people

Arts: Music etc acts as a strong influence

Business; Inflow and outflow of money


As Christians, we need to influence these mountains by entering and changing the culture within them.

We influence these mountains by being salt.

  • Salt is a preservative i.e., makes things better. Wherever we find ourselves, we should endeavour to make things work better.
  • Salt is not eaten by itself: God does not empower us with gifts for ourselves alone. It is to equip us for our specific assignment. Daniel was not blessed with the gifts of discernment to curry favour from the king and enjoy the trappings of a high government official.
  • Salt enhances flavour and should be overpowering. David wrote majority of the psalms as he ascribed his success to God and not his prowess in battle
  • Salt does not change or morph. Although Daniel was able to penetrate government, he did not change to suit to suit their ways but rather, continued to pray 3 times daily.

When Christians discover and use their God given gifts, they immerse themselves in God’s culture and establish God’s culture as the way of doing things on earth.