Insecurity - The enemy of your identity








Psa 139:1-18

David walked from a perspective of an understanding of who he is in Christ Jesus. Insecurity is an uncertainty about oneself, self-doubt.  

You are who God says you are, you are not defined by what you do. If you do not have an understanding of who you are, you may end up raising children who lack this understanding and become insecure.

It is understood that most of us may feel insecure sometimes, however if you are always feeling insecure, then examine yourself. Do not let these feelings define your value. Insecurity has many roots some of which are rejection, abuse.

Insecurity manifests itself in different ways. Some of which are;

Gal 1:6-10 People pleaser and approval seeker – this is when you allow insecurity to set all you do or seek the acceptance and approval of men. We live in a world where the number of “likes” or approval rating of men define our self worth. God has called us to serve Him in accordance with His sole approval. Do not get this twisted, your worth is not in what you do but in God’s unconditional love. There is no amount of things you would do that would make God love you more, the Bible says whilst we were yet sinners, Christ loved and gave Himself for us all. Be a God seeker and not a man pleaser.

1 Thess 2:4 God alone examines the motives of our heart. If pleasing people were the reason why you do things, then your purpose in life would be to please God because He alone examines the motive of your heart. Focus on God, let Him alone guide and inspire you. Trying to please people can lead to a life of frustration.

2 Cor 5:9 It is in pleasing God that you can fully please whoever God desires you to please.

The Devil brings insecurity to make you lose sight of who you are in Christ.

Perfectionism – This is a root of not feeling good enough. The perfectionist attitude always and only focuses on the mistakes and errors. You find it difficult to accept defeat. A perfectionist's worth and value is focused on what you do, they only focus on the end result, they do not enjoy the process or journey.

Heb 12:2 It is Christ Jesus that initiates and perfects our life. God has called us to REST in Christ, not outside of Him. Not basing your worth and value on the things you have been able to achieve.

2 Cor 12:9-11 The perfectionist looks at themselves on the standard of performance but Christ requires you to look at your self-based on the grace of God, that which Christ has helped you to achieve.

Inadequacy – The feeling of not good enough. The truth is you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Judge 6:11-16; Exo. 4:10 The reality is that if you could achieve by yourself, then you would not see the hand of God in your life. STOP focusing on what you do not have. Christ in you is more than enough.

Phil 4:13 God can supply ALL you require to achieve by His grace. Even in the midst of your weakness, God in you is strong enough.

Pride – A person walking in pride usually tries to mask an insecurity within. Do not let your title or achievements make you feel puffed up. Your titles, achievements, possessions, should not define you. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and He will lift you up. Promotion comes from God alone, do not engage in manipulation and pride.

Jer 9:24 If you are going to boast of anything, be proud of your knowledge of God. Make your boast in the Lord.

How do you overcome the enemy of insecurity?

Psa 139:13-14

Constantly speak the truth in God’s word to yourself. Insecurity always starts with a feeling, speak back to such thoughts and feels, let not your circumstances define you. You are more than enough in God.

Come to a place where you separate what you do from who you are in Christ. Guard your identity intact.

Rom 8:14-17

God’s spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are a child of God, let this sink into your consciousness and stamp this in your heart as your identity. No one can take this reality from you.

True joy comes when you know who you are in Christ and you seek to maintain your state of joy as your walk through the journey of life.


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