It is OK to say it is not ok!








Eph 4:1-12

The church is a place where we complement one another rather than competing with one another. If you know truly grasp the path God has called you into, there will be no friction one with the other. Unity is about watching each other’s back by being a brother’s keeper.

The first 3 chapters in the book of Ephesians unpacks the truth about our identity in God through Christ Jesus. Then Ephesians 4 beings to explain what is expected of us as children of the Most High God.

Therefore, your situation and circumstances should not define you. Paul’s understanding of who he was in Christ Jesus gave him the capacity to encourage others in Christ Jesus despite his immediate predicament as a prisoner. The prison did not change the fact that Paul was a blessed man. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, however it does not mean you do not have faith. Faith does not negate the fact that you are going through, it is all a process.

Materialism should never be a measure of your faith.

A balanced understanding of whom you are in Christ Jesus helps you to fully embrace every situation with a deep assurance that it is all a process and you are going through to become ALL that God has said concerning you. While in the process, know this truth that; it is Ok to appear vulnerable before others. Be authentic and be willing to share your practical experiences that can become helpful references for others to climb with. Quit pretence!

Eph 4:10-12; Rom 12:2

The more you receive the word through the ministry of Apostles, Teachers, Evangelist, Preachers, Pastors within the church, the more you attain perfection and become equipped according to the intention to God.

Matt 17: 24-27; 11:35

Vulnerability exposes you to the supernatural. Jesus was not ashamed to show the world His vulnerability.

Be authentic.

Aligning with the Holy Spirit (The Blessing) is the principal thing, do not run after man’s approval. Men’s validation is not God’s approval, live your life according to what God has called you. Run your race according to the path set before you, face your lane. It takes courage to be vulnerable.

Reset your focus, understand who you are in Christ, seek to live in a progressive relationship with God, then you are able to be vulnerable before God and men, in turn becoming a blessing to others through the experiences you have gathered in your relationship with God.

Your vulnerability might be the key message that unlocks a revelation in the life of your neighbour.

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