It is time to multiply.








Gen 1: 28

Isa 9: 7

As Christians we belong to a spiritual family of perpetual growth and increase. The DNA of every Christian is to be fruitful. Our God is NOT a God of a better yesterday.

As a Church it is time to multiply. This year 2017, you shall increase, double and excel exceedingly. Every unfulfilled promise will be fulfilled both for 2016 and 2017.

When God made His pronouncement in Gen 1:28, it was not about the ability / inability of man, but on God’s capacity to bring to past what He has said. Whatever God says, HE can fulfil.

God speaks so you can position yourself to receive, stop depending on your effort. God requires your obedience and faith by positioning yourself NOT your effort. God will put you in the right place at the right time to take delivery of what He has said.


When God says ‘multiply’ it is time to look inwards and not look away. What it takes for you to multiply is within you.

Why does God want you to exceedingly increase?

John 15:8 God is glorified when you bear much fruit.

God wants to be honoured through you.

Acts 4:13 God wants to proof through you, that you serve a LIVING GOD. Undeniable proofs of God’s hand upon you. God gives proofs by multiplying you.

Gen 1:28; John 15:1 - 11

Matt 21: 18 – 22 There is a danger in not increasing. If you are not fruitful you lose your relevance. Vital connection with God is critical this year. It is a 2-way connection; more of you and more of Him in you.

Col 1: 27 Is Christ in you, this is what guarantees your hope of glory. Your daily pursuit of God is what establishes a vital connection with God.

Eze 47; Acts 4:8; Isa 61 Be filled with the overflowing life of God. God fills us as a spirit and when it overflows, it manifests in tangible outcomes and exploits. Get fat on God’s word. Be powered and controlled by HIS word.

To double your result in 2017, you must increase your word capacity.

Guard love in your heart, let God’s word abide in your heart.

John 15:11 Let joy be in you. Joy is a state of absolute trust in God.

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