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The first key to manifestation of any type is the discovery of identity. Manifestation is not action but expression of your true self.

The whole of creation is waiting for manifestation of your true self, i.e. to display your true self. You cannot express your true identity if you are trying to copy someone else. Manifestation is only possible when you decide to express your originality / authenticity of your true self.

You can attempt to do something but you cannot manifest it if it is not you. For example, assuming I am a good swimmer; I attempt to swim, however that I can swim does not mean I am a fish. Eagles fly, Oxen are beasts of burden, they graze. These animals manifest what they are and who they are.

Case study: Eaglet

4 things happen when you discover your identity and manifestation.

Your identity determines:

  1. What you can do
  2. Your process
  3. Your growth
  4. The environment in which you thrive

Eagles can fly. As humans, our identity is that we exercise dominion, this is what God has called us to do. Every person has been born to exercise dominion, which explains why; when you find yourself in a situation which you are not exercising dominion, it leads to frustration.

The eaglet starts as an egg, for us our process starts as a seed. Whatever you pray for, God answers in seed form compared to the destiny God has prepared ahead. You receive the seed of your future. Seed has to be planted. When God blesses you with something, you plant your seed by your labour and effort in that which He has called you to.

Whatever God has given you seed and process for there must be growth. For an eaglet, the process of growth from an egg is to grow into an eagle that can soar! Your growth as a believer is in Eph 3:20. Regardless of where you start, there is no end to the potential of what you can produce from what God puts in your hands. Our challenge as believers is that we settle not because that is all we can do but that is where we are comfortable. In God there is no end to God, in your lifetime you cannot fully cap what you can achieve, because God is limitless!

There is an environment that we must operate. Though the eagle sleeps in a nest BUT the place of the eagle is in the air. Man is at his best when He operates from the presence of God. You can be good on your own, but you operate at your best when God is directing your affairs.

Prov 30:18-19 The eagle is in its glorious form when you watch it soar in the air. As graceful as the eagle is in the air, so also is it clumsy walking on land. The eagle is not built to walk but built to fly. Likewise, for us as humans, sometimes you find yourself struggling in a task, job because you are not in the right environment hence you are frustrated and appear incompetent. The fact that what seems mundane to you is difficult for someone else does not mean you are better, it simply means that you are both operating from different spectrums.

Gen 1:28 Eagles are high flyers likewise God has made us (believers) high achievers, this is why it starts from fruitfulness but doesn’t end in fruitfulness but dominion. The realm of dominion is where you are flying high. Royalty is not in the accolade but in the attitude. God created us believers to soar!

Eph 2:6 As a child of God we cannot be satisfied that others make decisions and we carry them out. The purpose of prayer is that we commune with God to exercise His dominion here on earth. Prayer is not just to have your needs met, but how we exercise God’s rule over our realm of influence. Where the word of the King is there is power. If you start making decisions on your knees eventually we would start making decisions before men.

Eagles are noble hunters. Eagles don’t settle for leftovers. The vulture and the eagle look alike, however eagles hunt and vultures scavenges. God did not call us to settle for what is given to us but to go after what we desire. We hunt and chase for what we desire. Eagles go after fresh meat but not stale or leftover meat.

What are we to desire?

Psa 37:4 Your desire is not what you want but what God tells you to want. Every blessing of God you grow into it.

How do you delight yourself in the Lord?

Psa 1:2 What you hunt in your life is whatever the word of God points you to. The word of God points in directions. You don’t take things because everyone is doing it but what God’s word points you to. Whatever God points you to, you can hunt and take delivery.

Eagles are hunters, they hunt for fresh food, likewise as a believer we hunt for fresh revelation. Our hunting starts with prayer. Then you study the Bible. Every time you open your Bible, you have meetings with God. As you begin to meet with God you start to access revelation. Revelation opens you to what is available to you to hunt.

Hosea 4:6 Hunters gather information. Whatever you are going to hunt, you must be informed about it. God deals with root cause.

Heb 6:12 Hunters are patient.

Ecc 3:1 Hunters operate with timing. In your time you would manifest. God is bring you out for the sake of His agenda.

Hunters are decisive. When the eagle sees its prey it strategically chases its prey. Prayer becomes effective when you begin to engage (action). You don’t know how much faith you need until you begin to engage.

Eagles navigate storms by anticipating a storm before it breaks. When the storm is coming the eagle flys to the highest point, waits for the storm to break, catches the wind which propels it to soar even  higher!

John 16:13 Fact is not true, truth is what God says. God’s word is our truth and reality. Doctors, employers, teachers (etc) can give an opinion, only God speaks truth! How do you anticipate storms; the Holy Spirit helps you anticipate through burdens, anxiety, dreams or visions. Then you go to your high place which is your identity in Christ. The more you meditate on who Christ is, the more you can understand your true identity in Christ Jesus.

Phil 4:6-8; Isa 53:1 Position yourself through prayer. The treatment for anxiety is prayer. You don’t stop praying until you feel peace.

Prayer is not only to bind storms but to take advantage of the storm. Prayer will position you to take advantage of the storm when it happens. Prayer can redirect your steps and plant you in God’s agenda for your life.  

God uses the storms to launch you into your destiny for manifestation.

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