It is time to soar III








Job 39:26-30

Through the study of certain physical things, we are able to understand our identity in God. It is wide to study whatever God is saying through these inferences.

Why is the eagle’s nest so high up?

This is because the eagle is completely dependent on the sun for direction, strength and vision.

The eagle flies towards the sun to gain direction; the closer it is to the sun, the more energy it draws / soaks up so it can go faster and further in flight! 

The eagle gets vision from the sun using her two eyelids. As the first eyelid looks straight, its vision is multiplied, when it is done focusing at the sun, then she flips to the next eyelids and focuses on her prey with clarity and can catch a prey with utmost precision. So also believers should depend on the word of God (the Bible) for direction, strength and vision.

Direction Psa 119:105 – The word of God always meets you at your present state, it is an accurate life’s compass. The word of God points you in a direction for your life’s path.

Strength Gen 13:14, Psa 84:7 –The word of God empowers the believer.

Neh 8:10, Isa 61:3 Strength will manifest in joy when you have accessed the presence of God.

Vision Hab 2:1-3 – Vision comes by being in the word of God. It takes more than your ability to activate vision, HE sends partners to assist you. Eagles build nests high up so they can be at close proximity to the sun in order to continually draw strength / energy due to her high exertion rate. When the eagle is on the move it gets energised. As a believer, the busier you are, the more of God’s word and presence you need to access. Do not be too busy that you neglect the presence of God through prayer praise and bible study. Make room for God in your life, always!

Job 23:12 Every time you get into the word, you are meeting with God. As a child of God, you are meant to stay in the word to be fed and refreshed.  Similarly, if you eat physical food three times daily, so also you should fellowship with God three times daily either through bible reading and meditation / praise / listening to a message etc. Stay connected! You cannot pray if you are not fed.

Deut 8:3 When God is with you, you might not be comfortable due to your earthly circumstances / situation, but surely you will be at peace.

Rom 10:17 If you are not in the word, you cannot have faith. You do not make decisions based on what you see but what God says. Without faith, you lack victory, you become defeated.

1 John 5:1-4; Heb 10:25 The eagle feeds on the sun, so also believers must constantly study, read, hear and fellowship with the word of God.

Heb 1:3 Eagles soar in the air, fish thrive in water and likewise believers thrive in the word! Your life is sustained by the word of God’s power.  

Ezra 5; Zech 4:6-7; Rev 19:10 The word of God builds, the word of God always delivers. Our prosperity is word activated. Even if you don’t have capacity, God infuses capacity into your situation by His spirit. As you speak the word of God, it goes into the foundation of your situation to build according to God’s plan for you.





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